TRAINING & BEATING DENIS in a RACE with a 999 IQ PLAY | Tower Of Hell

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thx 4 watchin m8

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    • Omg 😱 hi

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    • Lol

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    • Eeeeeeeeeeee?!!!

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    • Oh okieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Cute ;)

    habRBLXhabRBLX14 小时 前
  • Denis is not using shiftlock he's a noob...

    Tash BalaguerTash Balaguer23 小时 前
  • Now i know im betteR THAN DENIS

    Gerelmaa SukhbaatarGerelmaa Sukhbaatar天 前
  • I can mobile ladder flick

    Katt KattKatt Katt2 天 前
  • This was yesterday from my brother birthday

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  • :0

    Sky_darkSky_dark2 天 前
  • Pink Man LOL at start i wanted to laugh but that's not the point that im commenting Pink Man xD anyways Pink Man can u teach me some of shortcuts?

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  • We love u pinkleaf you are the best :)

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  • Wow subbing worked lol

    Super Pokemon SquirtleSuper Pokemon Squirtle4 天 前
  • WTF

    ST MM HumUsssST MM HumUsss6 天 前
  • I tried to puke, but denis blocked the trash can so he trolled pink leaf, but pink leaf the best yt

    James OngJames Ong7 天 前
  • I Miss Denis :( Bc Denis move to MC 😭

    Raihan KhairulRaihan Khairul7 天 前
  • i really2 noob at tower of hell

    Iced. teaIced. tea8 天 前
  • November 27 is my b day oo:

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  • >:)

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  • My dad tried to do double jumping and it didint work but it worked for me

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  • Have RainbowLeaf

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  • BlackLeaf

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  • Thumbnail: how do I jump? Press alt + f4 Who does who don’t know what alt + f4 does it just deletes the window

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  • BRO i can u add you

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  • Lol

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  • "Follow me in twitter, I post funny tweets!" *funny tweets*: E

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  • This was a troll obby

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  • Thanks for teach me!

    The bacon GirlsThe bacon Girls14 天 前
  • Lol gg

    Rachel PlayssRachel Playss15 天 前
  • I'm pretty sure thats cheating

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  • I can fly and more

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  • Or u can add me im hacker to :D

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  • Mkae a brother of ur leaf like redleaf Greenleaf or Brownleaf etc.

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  • AND

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  • Gg pinkleaf

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  • Im so bored rn

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  • All dislikes are Lisa gaming

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  • I have your Robux

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  • I LOVE YOUUUU 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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  • lets just say denis was recording also

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  • Vido 😃👩‍⚖️🙄💀😫👆👈👉👇🤲😼🥰😍😣😺

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  • Pink leaf I can do a bit better fleckr

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  • E

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  • I did the ladder trick and it was COOL

    -*golden_bear*--*golden_bear*-20 天 前
  • what the name of Obby?

    Hai GaezzzHai Gaezzz20 天 前
  • 1:20 😂😂😂😂

    superstar_galaxiisuperstar_galaxii20 天 前
  • me seeing pinkleaf die for the first time in ma life👁👄👁

    superstar_galaxiisuperstar_galaxii20 天 前
  • 1:41 ..... ACTUALLY WORKS >:D

    Mia AfronMia Afron21 天 前
  • funny starting

    Sarthak SoniSarthak Soni21 天 前
  • What the funk 😂😂 sorry 1st pink leaf

    Ha fizHa fiz21 天 前
  • Hello pink man :D Hello fat man :) NOT FATT Me: bro look at the size of ur tummy it's big than a piece of egg

    Aj JensonAj Jenson21 天 前
  • Denis cheatee

    jonard riverajonard rivera22 天 前
  • This from denis video

    Vladimir KovačVladimir Kovač23 天 前

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  • "hullo pink menn"

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  • Big tommy

  • That's so fat hahahaha

  • Why did i have a roblox ad before this vid

    GoldenDuckieGoldenDuckie27 天 前
  • PHOW

    Lentera Lovely Damarputri 1938023Lentera Lovely Damarputri 193802327 天 前
  • Can you do face reavell

    cassey andrescassey andres28 天 前
  • Did they just do the sonic mania song

    Ebriel Jaden BinayEbriel Jaden Binay28 天 前
  • Hello fat man -pink man (which is not *pink* to begin with)

    aaronnrpaaronnrp29 天 前
  • I m better than pink leaf but I’m still a fan

    Ikreemah BakhitIkreemah Bakhit29 天 前
  • Im litterally having goosebumps just seeing this

    DyxlanzDyxlanz29 天 前
  • "Hello Pink man" "Hello Fat man" *Flamingo has Joined the game*

    xz3rtianxz3rtian29 天 前
  • It looks kinda sad at the end poor denis

    BroNinjaPlayzBroNinjaPlayz29 天 前
  • I wanted to see the "backriding" part

    • rikugamii •• rikugamii •个月 前
  • He trolled you

    Rajaat S KhannaRajaat S Khanna个月 前
  • First time watching Denis daily flicking ladder🤣r

    frostyy playz robloxfrostyy playz roblox个月 前
  • Who else misses Denis

    JoshEJoshE个月 前
  • 0mg hI

    梅芳梅芳个月 前
  • Denis won

    Kevin_. MartinezKevin_. Martinez个月 前
  • Whats the song when the last part

    KiwiGaminq_YT0KiwiGaminq_YT0个月 前

    Tarushi AgarwalTarushi Agarwal个月 前
  • Im really sad just because denis acctually quit roblox

    Cherry GarcianoCherry Garciano个月 前
  • Ummm why Denis is not good at that

    Paula ofelia BanicoPaula ofelia Banico个月 前
  • Your account only is PinkLeaf or you have an alt bc someone added me renleafpinkleafviper His user :p

    Napintas LeaNapintas Lea个月 前
  • ANo

    TheokajTheokaj个月 前
  • Annoying denis obby

    Kathryn Gail DaveKathryn Gail Dave个月 前
  • You are a real teacher

    PinkDragonLeafPinkDragonLeaf个月 前
  • See Denis's version

    Daniel ChanDaniel Chan个月 前
  • Dare if u fall or die you buy bunny hop and u jump forever

    Jupiter FoxJupiter Fox个月 前
  • I watched this video and I like ur channel already

    JuanescastelJuanescastel个月 前
  • his smile was su cute at da first place.

    Jing ValdezJing Valdez个月 前
  • 0:09 My best friend S says that to me

    Amber The WolfAmber The Wolf个月 前
  • hi Renleaf let’s play this game Tower of hell 1v1?ok?

    حمد الدوسريحمد الدوسري个月 前

    حمد الدوسريحمد الدوسري个月 前
  • Are you Indonesian🌚

    Pink Caroline chanPink Caroline chan个月 前
  • I miss Denis só badly:(

    ArangucuervoArangucuervo个月 前

    Mr Pom ROBLOXMr Pom ROBLOX个月 前
  • Why Dennis fat

    Little StarLittle Star个月 前
  • Denis also make a vid of u

    Gerald UmpadGerald Umpad个月 前
  • /how are you playing so god on tower of hell

    PinkVeryEpic starPinkVeryEpic star个月 前
  • Pink Leaf you use shift lock so tat is why u can do all that cool stuff but that person doesnt so he cant😂😂😂🤣🤣

    Syeda Alina JafreeSyeda Alina Jafree个月 前
  • sonic mania- 7:23

    Yolande MYolande M个月 前
  • My username is Hellonotpinkleafboii cuz I’m your fan

    InvisiblePlaysThis Omg it you!!!InvisiblePlaysThis Omg it you!!!个月 前
  • 8:16 good:)

    Breno Garcia SimõesBreno Garcia Simões个月 前
  • Denis quits roblox....

    pascal umbohpascal umboh个月 前
  • Lol i remember Denis show a revenge for you so he do Paradise obby i'm so Laught at you first i saw this at Denis vid to prank you now you got the prank from denis loll and btw Denis Didnt react at Toh only he wants a revenge so he do it-😂😂😂😂

    Mr InfocusMr Infocus个月 前
  • This memory is making me sad of how denis quit Roblox 😭😭😭😢😢😢

    Janan SanthakumarJanan Santhakumar个月 前
  • pink man: his very ez territory me: but you died and fell for hes troll obby and both of you must weaar crown cuz you died multiple times

    Yoanna maine reyesYoanna maine reyes个月 前

    king techking tech个月 前