Tips & Tricks in Tower Of Hell 3.0

2021年01月 8日
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thx 4 watchin m8

  • LOL

    TTroublecatTTroublecat5 小时 前
  • when i ladder flick i double jump ;-;

    Rydercookier4444Rydercookier444410 小时 前
  • My ladder flick is different and im on mobile

    Rydercookier4444Rydercookier444410 小时 前
  • thanks for making this vidio pinkleaf you helped me a ton

    Johan Calyx MarianoJohan Calyx Mariano天 前
  • fps unlocker is a virus

    im_joshim_josh天 前
  • Uh are u broken why are u level 0

    roblox fanroblox fan4 天 前
  • i can wallhop and i can ladder flick im on mobile my username is najersk and i can ladderflick first try

    Joice JacklineJoice Jackline5 天 前
  • If you didn't know the double jump technique is actually called "bounce" and sometimes in races it can be your life savior

    Βασίλης ΣπανάκοςΒασίλης Σπανάκος6 天 前
  • denis should watch this video

    White NinjaWhite Ninja6 天 前
  • People: All Gods already went to the Battle Field where is The 2 main gods!!?!??! Me: @PinkLeaf and @Tx_cle ??? People: Idk Me: Shout out loud PinkLeaf vs Tx_cle!!!! 📢

    Aathan Benedict Abarintos ✔️Aathan Benedict Abarintos ✔️7 天 前
  • i just wish i can get robux to buy a private server man .-.

    ray calimpongray calimpong9 天 前
  • Can u do it on mobile?

    Janiya JuginJaniya Jugin10 天 前
  • Me dying to doing Ladder flick: ded Hands: DED Eyes: Ok arms: wiggle wiggle wiggle( tbh its not like that Lmaox)

    Official A.Official A.10 天 前
  • Pinkleaf teaching " simple" shortcuts

    Coastal SideCoastal Side11 天 前
  • ive learn so many tricks PinkLeaf

    GamerNinjaYTGamerNinjaYT13 天 前
  • How to have a shiftlock on pc?

    Simply Anja ʕ •ᴥ•ʔSimply Anja ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ13 天 前
  • *simple shortcuts* The shortcuts:

    JinGagla AbJinGagla Ab13 天 前
  • He on pc* ME ON MOBILE ✨🐻🍃🌸

    『Raja The Yt Hai -!』『Raja The Yt Hai -!』13 天 前
  • "I cant find the app"

    chelo labortechelo laborte13 天 前
  • I honestly love how he never falls

    Luvely gabsLuvely gabs13 天 前
  • My favorite game is Wall hop and Ladder flicking yayy

    Tereigwapo121Tereigwapo12113 天 前
  • Thanks for the tricks I would try them but TOH is so laggy for me on my Iphone

    Complex Plays RobloxComplex Plays Roblox14 天 前
  • All these short cuts are easy

    Adam SaadAdam Saad14 天 前
  • Me watching a CNworlder do a flick ez me trying it so hard me 2 months of flick practicing I can do it that’s true I can do flicks

    Adam SaadAdam Saad14 天 前
  • what about us people on phone and tablet

    Quanicy BynoeQuanicy Bynoe15 天 前
  • 11:55 this stage was deleted on Dec 31 2020 due to difficulty (that's my robot)

    Reco PecoReco Peco15 天 前
  • cool :)

    Noobie BlackNoobie Black15 天 前
  • Just gotta flick kalmly

    The Magician FailureThe Magician Failure15 天 前
  • Level 0 *but 89k yxles*

    Robløx LisaRobløx Lisa16 天 前
  • Fps unlock? config

    RebotingReboting16 天 前
  • Do y'all have big hands to reach the left shiftlock so fast or sumn 😃

    Srilakshmi ASrilakshmi A19 天 前
  • Me: Ooh I wanna try this! Not even 5 minutes later: RAGE QUIT

  • Legit

    Navilla MiguelNavilla Miguel19 天 前
  • Random people in a toh server: *I'm a level 30, I'm way better than you!* Pinkleaf with level 0: *Allow me to introduce myself*

    - Biscuiphobia -- Biscuiphobia -20 天 前
  • I didn't know the criss cross shortcut was a shortcut- that looks how you SHOULD do it--

    Ocean BananaOcean Banana20 天 前
  • Ren ur really helpful and best video I have ever seen BTW thx for ladder flick

    Mutahir AhmedMutahir Ahmed20 天 前
  • 2069: toh tips and tricks 100

    SammiiSammii20 天 前
  • and im mobile player cuz i didnt know how to play in pc wekk

    Nayana Fayza Farzana ZNayana Fayza Farzana Z21 天 前
  • how to do that? like when you bump on ladder you high jump. how

    Tuchh TiiiTuchh Tiii24 天 前
  • only legends can hear his keyboard clcick sound in this vid

    Bhavani PodilaBhavani Podila24 天 前
  • i always get near the top of the pro tower and fall. like dude

    Aryan SaifulAryan Saiful25 天 前
  • Tanqr: ahhhhhh yas I'm the best fps player in roblox and great at obbies too *Pinkleaf joined the rb battles* Tanqr: oops!!!!!!

    Aeus Clark Miguel MirandaAeus Clark Miguel Miranda25 天 前
  • vun

    TheRobloxBoiYTTheRobloxBoiYT26 天 前
  • Where is the link

    Hendry LukasHendry Lukas29 天 前
    • wdym where's the link

      Stella_ mcffinzStella_ mcffinz13 天 前
  • Me: HOW 0: Pinkleaf: Ezzzzz(:

    Fraser andersonFraser anderson个月 前
  • PinkLeaf: teaches us ldder flicking... Me: trying 100000000000000000 times and still didnt do it...

    Rana EskiciRana Eskici个月 前
  • well i learned the ladder flick thx

    iriedrizzyplayz 333iriedrizzyplayz 333个月 前
  • Is the FPS unlocked available for mobile?

    WolfyWolfy个月 前
  • Pinkleaf: *master god and showing that style* pro people: *ya just flexing thouse skills just play normaly*

    your public trash binyour public trash bin个月 前
  • ToH has so many ladders-

    Dylan Rylly RuizDylan Rylly Ruiz个月 前
    • Well I mean like It's true u can't climb without ladders lol (@Dylan Rylly Ruiz )

      Stella_ mcffinzStella_ mcffinz13 天 前
    • @Stella_ mcffinz nice one niceeee

      Dylan Rylly RuizDylan Rylly Ruiz13 天 前
    • if there's no ladders then how will u climb?

      Stella_ mcffinzStella_ mcffinz13 天 前
  • Thank you!!

    toh queen playztoh queen playz个月 前
  • Can u give I robux

    Aiden AbinasAiden Abinas个月 前
  • u make the shortcuts look so ez

    Fa1ryFa1ry个月 前
  • "Watch this if you want to be better than denis"

    Bryan B BernardoBryan B Bernardo个月 前
  • Hey pinkleaf is the fps unlocker without virus?

    Furkan ÖzdemirFurkan Özdemir个月 前
  • Me:Watches vid trys fails

  • Woahhhhh... how u on level 0 tho-

    Annabelle LiAnnabelle Li个月 前
  • He make it look so easy😔🤚

    RxyalegxrlRxyalegxrl个月 前
  • Now i am E P I K god in TOH

    coolmanobilli1coolmanobilli1个月 前
  • im nub at toh

    Ballipasha gamingBallipasha gaming个月 前
  • i do ladder flicking when i play on pc. I'm also trying to do it on mobile

    Geoprobest2000Geoprobest2000个月 前
  • I don't think that brown stage is not a shortcut in 8:03....

    Tony NongTony Nong个月 前
  • Im good ladderflick / trussflick bro

  • "You wanna be better than Denis"

    Nguyen HuynhNguyen Huynh个月 前
  • *Upload*

    Nguyen HuynhNguyen Huynh个月 前
  • *Uploads*

    Nguyen HuynhNguyen Huynh个月 前
  • I think pinkleaf is the proest player in TOH

    Alicya ChingAlicya Ching个月 前
  • what if were on ipad

    Carissa LaiCarissa Lai个月 前
  • I've been using your tips for a long time now and I'm at level 30

    Jung HoseokJung Hoseok个月 前
  • I don't get it the fps unlocker I download it but still doesn't works. can u help me?

    Agam Abisatya AbdallahAgam Abisatya Abdallah个月 前
  • Im gianduiotto10

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  • Pls

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  • (O_O)

    raffaella marandoraffaella marando个月 前
  • Pls

    raffaella marandoraffaella marando个月 前
  • I can be' tour friend?

    raffaella marandoraffaella marando个月 前
  • Hello

    raffaella marandoraffaella marando个月 前
  • Hello beat friend

    raffaella marandoraffaella marando个月 前
  • Hi

    raffaella marandoraffaella marando个月 前
  • hey, fps unlocker better not be a virus, my laptop doesnt work and im worried.

    Evil_SpongeEvil_Sponge个月 前
  • Am pro now jajajaja it means hahaha in Spanish

    HenxbeHenxbe个月 前
  • you best in tower of hell

    Petra BasturovaPetra Basturova个月 前
  • Meh: *try ladder flicking* Meh: *OOF* Pink: you use shift? ;) Meh: oh, so that’s it ,-, I’m so dumb ,-, (I speak portuguese ,-,)

    Biscoito bolacha ou cookie? U3UBiscoito bolacha ou cookie? U3U个月 前
  • Dog: Mans best friend Shiftlock: Gamers best friend

    dxrkkgabdxrkkgab个月 前
  • How to use shiftlock on pc

    Tiana Sayra Hariman SiswaTiana Sayra Hariman Siswa个月 前
    • just press shift

      Stella_ mcffinzStella_ mcffinz13 天 前
    • If your in computer press shift

      Adam Nikolai AmparoAdam Nikolai Amparo个月 前
  • Imagine climbing a ladder normally

    LucasIsMeLucasIsMe个月 前
  • the double jump is pretty easy on mobile u just got to do it a lot of times before u get used to it.(yes i am a mobile toh player)

    BithiliaBithilia个月 前
  • how do you do some on moble

    Ethan NguyenEthan Nguyen个月 前
  • I’m on Mac so how do you do a ladder flick

    Hi GuysHi Guys个月 前
  • 1:54 what sould i press in my laptop?

    Mia Riona Louise DonorMia Riona Louise Donor个月 前
    • right click and move ur mouse to move ur camera if u have one

      Stella_ mcffinzStella_ mcffinz13 天 前
  • pinkleaf offy say im not pinkleaf

    mekong stonemekong stone个月 前
  • coool

    sadiq ahmedsadiq ahmed个月 前
  • Anyone know the song he used for the first part

    LuckySue SLuckySue S个月 前

    soni nisargsoni nisarg个月 前
  • XD for me shift lock are best friend for everything

    Денис ЕгоровДенис Егоров个月 前
  • Pc:this is easy😎 Mobile:can you shut up?

    ༻ • KingBalex • ༺༻ • KingBalex • ༺个月 前
  • This is very hard

    Tamim AldaherTamim Aldaher个月 前
  • Big fan you

  • flicking is too hard in toh i practise that so much

    joseph montecalvojoseph montecalvo个月 前
  • Me: this guy doesn't know his lefts and rights Me afterwards: I dont know my lefts and rights

    Legend DerekLegend Derek个月 前