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video kind of inspired by john roblox
thx 4 watchin m8

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  • XD

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  • circa is 666 levels uhh

    Pepe, The Normallest Frog.Pepe, The Normallest Frog.天 前
  • how to drop the gears?

    nawal naveedanawal naveeda天 前
  • 0:17 Myths that they not used 4. Can you use the grapple hook to get to the top 6. Can you fall from TTOH and not die 12. Does ToH and TTOH really have hidden easter eggs

    B_3ztB_3zt天 前
  • mom is REAl-

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  • Circa is lvl 666-

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  • Myth: I dare you to make a slow-motion video

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  • HACKER!!!

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  • Luv ur vids!

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  • Um some people don't have a mom :/

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  • Myth : Is PinkLeaf really the BEST ToH player? Myth : Should we subscribe to PinkLeaf?

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  • I have seen the grey stage 7:44 before amd now not anymore:C

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  • but is still cool

  • Pink leaf... I have a dare for you Put me on da video

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  • if you dont have mom than is fake :p

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  • 11:24 look how much coins he earned in the top right

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  • Or you can just moon wallwalk lol

    Kyle ChenKyle Chen5 天 前
  • how do you jump 2 time with the thing ?

    Tan LoonTan Loon5 天 前
  • Apparently reaching to the top and leave the game won't give you any exp. Perhaps it has only happened to me.

    MoonlightMoonlight6 天 前
  • "Hook on me" *Excuse me wha?-* 😃

    walla of chinawalla of china7 天 前
  • Can you complete tower of hell by just walking? ( no tools, no mutators, no nothing, just walk ( Oh and you can use first person and shiftlock )

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  • ok alr

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  • kuya gos to ko po ng rubox sa UTOT654

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  • Can we be friends pls :( Since your a nice person

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  • It's fake or not???

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  • Sheesh I'm the 1.59 subscriber

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  • this video is cursed cuz the level of circa is 666

    Roberto AltiniRoberto Altini8 天 前
  • Why are people thinking the trick shot is fake? Its not fake. i can even do it with my friend.

    Jasmine 03Jasmine 038 天 前
  • Hahahahaha in 10:47 he pulls pinkleaf 🤣

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  • 3:35 PinkLeaf just cheated at no jumping tower of hell

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  • :yt:

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  • 8:00 so the thing is you need to be still and dont touch anything and be in the middle to get a perfect 1 minute i believe

    Kansy WidiartyKansy Widiarty10 天 前
  • 2:30 u prob edit out the menu thing it's fake also the laser came from a diff. Direction so he or she didn't shoot so stop tryna get view unsub

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  • Me seeing he was on level 0

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  • yO WhAt sOnG iS THis 2:15

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  • I found minute stage when i was new and i found stage that nothing so i use happy mod cause is impossible man

    sai ytsai yt12 天 前
  • Actually it’s a 1 in 122.8 Million Chances for Perfect Tower! Also it does Take a Minute, By 3 The end Is 2 Platforms which is already 1:02 Then 1:01 In half’s Of 2/8 Hair hits The White / End of Tower at One Minute, so.

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  • E

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  • People who dont have a mom: _interesting_

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  • where t get guns in toh

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  • To can do it without fools without a challenge bc I did it like two days ago.

    Isla GeorgeIsla George14 天 前
  • PinkLeaf How do u make shoulder pet in Roblox? I already make my shoulder

  • The minute part tho it syncs with the sound

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  • I can do 0 jumps and not walk to the end and pls invite me to ur vip server i want to record with u my roblox name is O_O @kokosik12123.

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  • Is it possible to do the tower without walking

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  • 10:12 ... DONT u dare look at circa level..

    Nell and NellNell and Nell16 天 前
  • Pinleaf:*use something to climb* me: i believe you can flyy you die i bye bye~

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  • Its real

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  • When in a vip sever can you get the gears for free? also what are they called?

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  • Pinkleaf: *Uploads new video* Fans: 🏃🏃💃💃🏃💃🏃💃💨💨💨💨

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  • Does the pink hat we get for free

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  • I think I’m allergic to shampoo and conditioner 😱 I washed my hair and it went all over my leg and now my skin is peeling a lot

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  • pinkleaf is dying..

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  • Who else enjoys watching PinkLeaf?

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  • Can we agree that he needs sleep. This took a long time and he needs sleep. In a good way

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  • Hell*

    Sharon FlanaganSharon Flanagan21 天 前
  • I like the way he is asked is tower of helm the best game then he just doesn’t answer

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  • Someone: speeds Me: why did you speed The person: you get 500 more tokens ya dum dum Me: your lying-

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  • Myth huh........ How to one jump to top?

  • /freemembership =lol not real right??

  • :o MYTH BUSTERS!!!! I can't believe it! Wow! I love Myth Busters!

    MoonlightMoonlight22 天 前
  • in 2022, he is going to beat TOH by not even joining the game-

    deluxeplexdeluxeplex22 天 前
  • myth = can you sub like and coment mythbuster in 5 sec!!

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  • Pinkleaf: beats tower of hell without jumping Me who haven't beat it : 👁️👄👁️

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  • some of them are posted on tiktok-

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  • And also pinkleaf is right because the minute stage takes you to the top so it means no jumpin

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  • Pinkleaf:as real as your moms me:what if your mom died then would it be real???really pinkLeaf you can’t think

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  • Theory/myth: I play better in tower of heck when I watch pink leaf True

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  • renleaf-pinkleaf...

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  • I can't believe yu win in tower but you didn't jump

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  • The section minute does take a minute depending on where you stand. If you stood on the very edge of the conveyor it might be take less than a minute and if you stan in the middle it may be exactly on point. You stood right next to the wall meaning your character takes longer to reach the top. It's basic physics and I expected a parkour god to know better. Nah jk but seriously it would be cool if you tested different standing positions to confirm that myth.

    ZucciniiiZucciniii23 天 前
  • can you jump to the top in 1 jump with only a coil

    Remas MajidRemas Majid23 天 前
  • Circa's level is the devils number 666

    Possessed BlankPossessed Blank24 天 前
  • 2:11 esc+R+Enter but click it fast for do that or u can use key clixker lol

    •Ren••Ren•24 天 前
  • 9:57 uhhh This song is familiar Bc its treytens Outro (Treyten Is a gta 5 yt)

    yesyes24 天 前
  • Hiw did you get the coilllsss

    Loran GrayLoran Gray24 天 前
  • nop

    Ish Jandyl J. BayoIsh Jandyl J. Bayo24 天 前
  • 7:00 its true because what if all the stage are catch zone lol

    Lâm Nguyễn TùngLâm Nguyễn Tùng24 天 前
  • Thats why speed=noob lol

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  • Pink leaf is one of the biggest pros in the game

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  • "JUST BUY A PC MAN" me : **cries with my new iPad pro**

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  • hi im the 5,600 comment? please correct me if so.

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  • did someone notice pinklef's other players level? *666* omg

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  • But what if your mom doesn't exist? 😳

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  • 12:10 what is the code?

    Pier Filippo MancinoPier Filippo Mancino28 天 前
  • I thought that the stage desicions got removed

    Kenia SequeiraKenia Sequeira28 天 前
  • Is no one gonna talk about how at 4:04 Circa1987's level is 666??

    Cops And RobbersCops And Robbers28 天 前
  • Me looking at the comments sees a mcyt fp me: OH MY FOLLOWING QUICK

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  • This man nAmed circa got to cursed lvl 666

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