tower of hell BLIND RUNS...

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all the background music are from pikasonic!
thx 4 watchin m8

  • nice video

    kyle the bacon hair Bouwkyle the bacon hair Bouw4 小时 前
  • My anxiety when I thought he was going to fall: 📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉

    Queen_ Be3Queen_ Be38 小时 前

    Ethnic KolorsEthnic Kolors5 天 前
  • Pinkleaf: made the tower looks easy Me: fell infinite times

    Yiting MYiting M13 天 前
  • pinkleaf na wala a ko account

    Ish Jandyl J. BayoIsh Jandyl J. Bayo19 天 前

    AntyxleAntyxle21 天 前
  • Algun dia eu meu amigo Authenticgames pode jogar com vc

    Tio PatinhasTio Patinhas21 天 前
  • Pinkleaf will find a short-cut no matter what- 😆

    Kaukab BaigKaukab Baig22 天 前
  • Bro I just once made it to the end on a noob tower where some guy had bought invinciblity and the it was the easiest tower ever

    sweta024dlusweta024dlu22 天 前
  • This is so satisfying🙀👀👀

    Jericho AnimationJericho Animation22 天 前
  • NO 12:36

    Breno Garcia SimõesBreno Garcia Simões24 天 前

    Breno Garcia SimõesBreno Garcia Simões24 天 前
  • 0:50 Why pink is at level 0? and -37 skill points uspent?

    TheRobloxianStarTheRobloxianStar25 天 前
  • how hes level 0

    Mela DabkowskaMela Dabkowska25 天 前
  • Toh when pinkleaf joins for the first time: ohhhhhh another nub joined our game I seeeeee Toh 2021with pinkleaf: give him a admin he's part of our community.

    Aeus Clark Miguel MirandaAeus Clark Miguel Miranda25 天 前
  • Before this I though blind runs were playing blindfolded 🤦🏻‍♀️

    Shravya JainShravya Jain26 天 前
  • 12:21 clean moves b)

    GamerNinjaYTGamerNinjaYT27 天 前
  • Can you do a vid where you cant use short cuts and make it to the end of tower of hell

    Mert Yener Year 09Mert Yener Year 0927 天 前
  • Wait but how do you know what stage is wich

    Retard Lobe tik tokRetard Lobe tik tok28 天 前
  • The world when pink leaf joins a public server and does not talk, the chat: OMG PINK LEAF GOO!!! the world when a normal player spawns in and just says a friendly hi, the chat : shut up noob were focusing here.

    Skye LolSkye Lol29 天 前
  • Hey pink leaf can you play tower of mysery please i rly want to see you

    Zivojin ToskovZivojin Toskov个月 前
  • I was in the vid btw

    SSP gamewonderlandSSP gamewonderland个月 前
  • Hi PinkWeaf do you have a discord?:) cuz i want to be in your next video pink if you can;) me level 10

    KylePlayzKylePlayz个月 前
    • Me big fan of you:)

      KylePlayzKylePlayz个月 前
  • just imagine how good he will do irl

    ElointzElointz个月 前
  • _ _ 👁️👁️ 👄

    Imran the SkeletonImran the Skeleton个月 前
  • omg cool

    Dominik PietruschkaDominik Pietruschka个月 前
  • Lol i love how the chat doesnt even know pinkleaf but only one person does because they prob see the star

    Salema GibboreSalema Gibbore个月 前
  • Everyone looking at the gameplay Me looking at the chat box

    AarizchampionAarizchampion个月 前
  • 3:58 it is so satisfying abt is that not even a single person know it’s u

    PurpePurpe个月 前
  • Get a girlfriend bro

    Marius AntonovMarius Antonov个月 前
  • E

    Snap!Snap!Snap!Snap!个月 前
  • Pinkleaf how are u doind all of this epic shortcuts I try to do the same as u but IS IMPOSSIBLE pinkleaf is a another level

    FlamingoFlamingo个月 前
  • pinkleaf may not be the best toh player but for sure he's the smoothest toh player

    RonBoyZZRonBoyZZ个月 前
  • pls tutor meh how to play toh because this is how many times i fell: from up there to here ;-;

    *αxiє_ρlαyʑ**αxiє_ρlαyʑ*个月 前
  • Me fines a new shortcut me look Kevin I found a new shortcut my brother your a bad boy me aHHH

    Kevintoons MaiKevintoons Mai个月 前
  • So PinkLeaf had enough for those expensive shades but npt enough for double tokens gamepass ... right

    Thomas KirkbrideThomas Kirkbride个月 前
  • Me: 1:27 record Pinkleaf: 1:00 Maybe ill rematch....

    NotAngel RobloxNotAngel Roblox个月 前
  • Him: *on the edge on last level* Me *HEART ATTACK*

    Kyleigh WilderKyleigh Wilder个月 前
  • theres a creep who's in love wid u

    Rembranth Reous VergaraRembranth Reous Vergara个月 前
  • :0

    Jake TrepanierJake Trepanier个月 前
  • holy crap amazing

    Jake TrepanierJake Trepanier个月 前
  • Pinkleaf can beat anyone in toh he is the god at it

    AdamAdam个月 前
  • Me just looking at the chat Someone: whoever is doing this you do realize you’re ruining everyone’s fun. Me: you should consider it an honor to be in the same server as pink leaf!

    LilacEvelynLilacEvelyn个月 前
  • Hey pink, how come you've beaten so many towers but ur still level 1?

    shyann wushyann wu个月 前
  • Me: see,s pinkleaft win in tower of hell Me: play on the last level Me again: please god i beg Me: fall 😳Shook-

    Boyfriend FNF & Girlfriend FNFBoyfriend FNF & Girlfriend FNF个月 前
  • hi

    譚偉存2B14譚偉存2B14个月 前
  • Me accidentally skipped ten seconds PinkLeaf:at the top of the tower Me:WHAT!?

  • Me: thinks that Pinkleaf isn't even blindfolded Pinkleaf: YAY!! I did it! Me: your not blindfolded

  • bruh some people hating on him for skipping rip

    DreamsTowerDreamsTower个月 前
  • Pinkleaf I won 1 pro tower I am not lieing

    Kerem The foxKerem The fox个月 前
  • I love the fact that the people in the chat just doesnt know him and just making mayhem there having no idea

    Tuburrr YTTuburrr YT个月 前
  • Wait what how is the toh got snow?

    Lynn NakamuraLynn Nakamura个月 前
  • Nobody can beat him in tower of hell

    Cookieunicorn_forlifeCookieunicorn_forlife个月 前
  • Pink leaf: my PC started lagging for some reason lol. me: well, the PC said: wow, he is so pro that i can't stand it.

    babita minegirlbabita minegirl个月 前
  • me only liking this vid bc all the kids being happy in his servers XD

    SoapSoap个月 前
  • So many jumps 🥴

    I love monkeysI love monkeys个月 前
  • This video is 7.5 out of 10 so a C+ not bad not bad

    Prissila CoePrissila Coe个月 前
  • pink is good at transitions :O

    grace anne latinagrace anne latina个月 前
  • Huh

    Nash_Wisdom YTNash_Wisdom YT个月 前
  • The pro

    Cay TinCay Tin个月 前
  • this is like 600 fps

    zep the gamerzep the gamer个月 前
  • Me looking at the leaderboard thingy and doesn't see Pinkleaf. Mind: where is he? Is he at the bottom? Then: Looks at the upper part of the leaderboard thingy and see's he' like halfway done-

    Lexie ZhaiLexie Zhai2 个月 前
  • Me watching pinkleaf* Me: omg now i see what pinkleaf face is .... he looks like joven😀 Pinkleaf: 😶😶😶😶😶😶 U ARE SO BUMD

    chengkie ramoschengkie ramos2 个月 前
  • me: gets to 2nd stage at last second pinkleaf: *finishes tower in one minute*

    • Aqua AJPW •• Aqua AJPW •2 个月 前
  • He makes it look so easy... so I tried and I couldn’t even get past half...😂

    Itz DoggieZItz DoggieZ2 个月 前
  • Lol watching him playing makes me playing ToH easier

  • What was that last music ?

    Vinh NguyenVinh Nguyen2 个月 前
  • This is how profesional play: ⬆↗➡↘⬇↙⬅↖↕↩↪⤴⬆↗➡↘⬇↙⬅↖↕↩↪⤴ And some shift lock bettween the movements

    BlueCandy _3610BlueCandy _36102 个月 前
  • Pinkleaf:level 0 because of pro Vs Me: level 2 noob😖

    Cristelle MorilesCristelle Moriles2 个月 前
  • Pink leaf: there is 3 pro stages and 4 noob stages Me who thinks all stages are hard: *sadness*

    XxSlayer_PlayzxX UwUXxSlayer_PlayzxX UwU2 个月 前
  • me on moblie playing TOH: im so bad at this i quit. Me on pc playing TOH: im so pro im so pro

  • Me beang motivated to play TOH

    lpspali zlpspali z2 个月 前
  • Me beang scared that he is gonna fall

    lpspali zlpspali z2 个月 前
  • Him after playing: 🗣️💨

    lpspali zlpspali z2 个月 前
  • Where is his face he doesn't have a blindfold

    Raheeb AhmedRaheeb Ahmed2 个月 前
  • Hi

    banana playisbanana playis2 个月 前
  • Heart this pinkleaf

    MrChikduMrChikdu2 个月 前
  • We’re you actually blindfolded

    MrChikduMrChikdu2 个月 前
  • Amazing gameplay be pinkleaf!

    MrChikduMrChikdu2 个月 前
  • I thought I would become like you 🙁

    Zodiac YTZodiac YT2 个月 前
  • What’s this song playing on the background?

    Sumali DissanayakeSumali Dissanayake2 个月 前
  • .

    Mrs.Muneeb ButtMrs.Muneeb Butt2 个月 前
  • can i friend you im big fan with you pinkleaf✨✨╮(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)╭

    Manok Bisaya GamingManok Bisaya Gaming2 个月 前
  • Everyone gangsta until they look at his toh level... 😳

    Beth_playsrobloxBeth_playsroblox2 个月 前
    • Uhhhh...

      Lil J.Lil J.2 个月 前
  • LOL

    Xxyeshadacherrygirl XxXxyeshadacherrygirl Xx2 个月 前
  • But u r the god in toh

    امينة امة اللهامينة امة الله2 个月 前
  • Bruh bruuiuuh this is dificult but i play in phone toh

    امينة امة اللهامينة امة الله2 个月 前
  • Me playing tower of hell:**accidentally fell** *A U T O R A G E Q U I T*

    Digser DrDigser Dr2 个月 前
  • Talent has entered the chat:

    Selina's StarlightSelina's Starlight2 个月 前
  • Can u play breaking point?

    CCJ YTCCJ YT2 个月 前
  • POV: I’m the only one watching this on the way to my eye doctor then back to school

    svgarcannonsvgarcannon2 个月 前
  • Im sure pinkleaf could be play toh for many years

    Shameela Abdul SalamShameela Abdul Salam2 个月 前
  • 0:48 *(LAMO!? XD)*

    Blake Lindelle CAPILIBlake Lindelle CAPILI2 个月 前
  • Me:beat it first try Ren:beat it 20x faster

    Iceborne LegendIceborne Legend2 个月 前
  • ngl but I don’t think ur blindfolded bc if someone is blindfolded then they can’t make one stage it’s impossible.

    Tala AlsaidiTala Alsaidi2 个月 前
  • Plot twist he was not blindnfolded

    Rene RootRene Root2 个月 前
  • Bullies annoying noobs: Hahaha noobs you are level 0 haha PinkLeaf: Lvl 0 Bullies: 😲😲😯

    Multi-Tasker 101Multi-Tasker 1012 个月 前
  • HaCkS

    D mac ED mac E2 个月 前
  • 11:13 that was close 😅😅

    Jord DimaandalJord Dimaandal2 个月 前
  • I love how he goes on shift lock to no shift lock soo fast

    Bushara AliBushara Ali2 个月 前