PinkLeaf QUITS Tower Of Hell?

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thx 4 watchin m8

  • Can I add you

    Linette MunozLinette Munoz2 天 前
  • I dont get bored of roblox until I lose my account but a made a new one and I still play😊

    Linette MunozLinette Munoz2 天 前
  • Pinkleaf do u have a alt?

    Kristine vielle MedinaKristine vielle Medina4 天 前
  • No please

    Ice BearIce Bear5 天 前
  • I love your videos

    Aiden ClydeAiden Clyde7 天 前
  • You see me right and I am adaaaam29

    Adam YT1Adam YT19 天 前
  • Pinkleaf I subscribe to you

    Adam YT1Adam YT19 天 前
  • Me: NOOOOOOOOO IM CRYING Pink: now ill make some toh vids Me: *anti-cries*

    NoobNoob13 天 前
  • more admin vids

    ii_honeyskiezii_honeyskiez15 天 前
  • A good won please

    Teoni BighamTeoni Bigham16 天 前
    • I sub to you pink leaf

      Teoni BighamTeoni Bigham16 天 前
  • Please

    Teoni BighamTeoni Bigham16 天 前
  • pink leaf can you ask the mobile player ontower of hell to train me

    Teoni BighamTeoni Bigham16 天 前
    • Please

      Teoni BighamTeoni Bigham16 天 前
  • Pls pinkleaf back tower of hell

    GFO online gamingGFO online gaming16 天 前
  • RenLeaF

    Jared sethJared seth17 天 前
  • Play some other game

    Butcht MereteButcht Merete18 天 前
  • Pink leaf is a click air hes lying on all videos he’s accidentally noob he’s using filter to many subs but somebody is better than pink leafs level it’s roses tower of hell hes all master of tower of hell lvl 500 or 300

    George Nansen 1657053George Nansen 165705318 天 前
  • Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Smoothz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DONT QUIT! 1. Ur so good and if ppl say ur bad there jealous so please dont quit.. 2. No one can beat you, Ppl say "you should quit"..Just dont listen to them. 3. you are a good boy at tower of heck.. Ppl might not like my comment.. I just came here to cheer him up..

    V8V_ RazerSpyneV8V_ RazerSpyne20 天 前
  • Pls Don't Quit

    Arick ShrivastavaArick Shrivastava21 天 前
  • Hello Pls Play Any Game not The tower of hell pls

    BombBomb22 天 前
  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Caoimhe SloanCaoimhe Sloan23 天 前
  • Pinkleaf please don't leave my life will be bad without you

    Caoimhe SloanCaoimhe Sloan23 天 前
  • so no one is gonna talk about there is a guy/girl that is lvl 666 in the video...

    Dewey James MagnanaoDewey James Magnanao23 天 前
  • Hi it's me leila why do you not play with me I watch you videos I miss you😭😭😭👋

    Marina BurgerMarina Burger24 天 前
  • this guy inspires me to do tower of hell now i am getting better

  • If u quit............ I'll rather cry bc ur my heroe u made me feel calm when u win and you made me play tower of hell now am better at obbys bc of u pink leaf j made me like this and you made other ppl like this u are our heroe

    inot_anton gaming playzinot_anton gaming playz26 天 前
  • I really thought he would quit tower of hell but im thankful that he didnt quit i dont want that he would quit tower of hell in my opinion Your The GOAT/Greatest Of All Time Tower Of Hell Player And Your A Legend

    Hjftygfyg GhffHjftygfyg Ghff27 天 前
  • 2:54 im soo stupid because i thought he said 'i'm a gay" 😭😭😂😂

    Kyrie's Vlog2Kyrie's Vlog227 天 前
  • Who knew he was the same age as my brother or yours O.O

    A genderA gender27 天 前
  • You can play Rage Runners like u did vs every youtuber who plays roblox and your profile picture is cool ngl

    Drink ProdigyDrink Prodigy28 天 前
  • You very pro at playing tower of hell!!!!!!!!!!!😀

    Minh Hoa Tran NguyenMinh Hoa Tran Nguyen个月 前

    CupOf._.CoffeeCupOf._.Coffee个月 前
  • pinkleaf: uploads at my bday lol

    Roblox MediaRoblox Media个月 前
  • If you pin this comment your reward is 999908 robux

    Enderdragon TechEnderdragon Tech个月 前

    BrippleGippleBrippleGipple个月 前
  • :(

    DarDar_ChannellDarDar_Channell个月 前
  • Level 0- what

    JaydenYT YoutubeJaydenYT Youtube个月 前
  • Ima sniff that pink leaf ;)

    Plushy Shark popsPlushy Shark pops个月 前
  • Play tower of jump coil :)

    Tanya GeanoTanya Geano个月 前
  • Pink leaf stay blessed

    mahinmahin个月 前
  • Me sad

    Afiq AzizyAfiq Azizy个月 前
  • Pink leaf nooo plis😔😔😔 we will miss you😔😔😔

    jhanel Polintangjhanel Polintang个月 前
  • Pink leaf says he's quitting him talking about tower of hell does not quit clickbait me thank God

    Maria ShelnuttMaria Shelnutt个月 前
  • i dont think your ugly....

    CrazyCactus400CrazyCactus400个月 前
  • me: reads title me: YES HE DIDNT QUIT IM SCREAMING YAY

    UmiLeafUmiLeaf个月 前
  • pink leaf is the guy because of whom now I'm a pro in toh he's my child hood if he quits a quit toh

  • you not suck

    soldier gaming heysoldier gaming hey个月 前

    soldier gaming heysoldier gaming hey个月 前
  • Here I am...thinking he was 13 the whole time-

    Totally not a TodorokiTotally not a Todoroki个月 前
  • *me: please don't quit 😭-* *oh wait hes not quitting* *me: °inhale° °exhale°* *me: thank god your not quiting because you mame the best videos! ❤️ *

    *αxiє_ρlαyʑ**αxiє_ρlαyʑ*个月 前
    • i ment have

      *αxiє_ρlαyʑ**αxiє_ρlαyʑ*个月 前
  • What about piggy-

    Simimol ASimimol A个月 前
  • ITS JUST " why ? "

    Bujinlkham Gan-ErdeneBujinlkham Gan-Erdene个月 前
  • Yeah don’t quit :[

    Ray -ChanRay -Chan个月 前
  • you quit denis quits whos left

    Ryan MisenerRyan Misener个月 前
  • This is cool☺️ hasne oop jake bn

    Celestine bade Cute musicCelestine bade Cute music个月 前
  • im glad your not quiting tower of hell because who will be the Tower of Hell Legend now? we really like these tower of hell videos and i think ill make one just for entertainment were thankful for you to keep up with the tower of hell videos

    Blood and Go ReBlood and Go Re个月 前
  • you are Indian i am too and i like and subed.

    heena chhabraheena chhabra个月 前
    • Nope hes filipino

      savannah Billanessavannah Billanes个月 前
  • Dont sub to pinkleaf, he sucks

    Aubrey HinchliffeAubrey Hinchliffe个月 前
    • Ok bot

      savannah Billanessavannah Billanes个月 前
  • And why why why dont quit

    Moh AnwarMoh Anwar个月 前
  • I just realized that he is level 0 in TOH

    Silent SunriseSilent Sunrise个月 前
  • I luv u vids

    sissy michaelsissy michael个月 前
  • Ayaw ko quit ka wagg ha wag wag wga

    Niñajoy 1235Niñajoy 1235个月 前
  • Well my friend can go she went to times now

    Hanley ElizabethHanley Elizabeth个月 前
  • I can’t still make it up to the top of the tower of hell😭😭😭

    Hanley ElizabethHanley Elizabeth个月 前
  • Pls Pinkleaft Give robux

    Epifhany Snow De ChavezEpifhany Snow De Chavez个月 前
  • Can you speak Tagalog in your intro

    Sana MinatozakiSana Minatozaki个月 前
  • Hi pink leaf i saw ur video from 1 year ago AND I CANT BELIVE U LIVE IN PHILIPINES!!! IM FROM PHILIPINES TOO! :D but one question from where are u to philipines? Like are u laguna cebu or somewhat-

    Kyliennejane YT!Kyliennejane YT!个月 前
  • no you will continue

    rainslastrainslast个月 前
  • Don't Quit :( ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

    •°De•K•u`•^••°De•K•u`•^•个月 前
  • Title: pinkleaf quit tower of hell? Me indo:klo lu quit gue ga bakalan happy English:if u quit im not going to happy WHO INDO HERE

    ༻ • KingBalex • ༺༻ • KingBalex • ༺个月 前
  • ur voice is so calming >_

    •Purple_Serena Gacha••Purple_Serena Gacha•个月 前
  • No dont go Tower The game

    White WraithWhite Wraith个月 前
  • oh ok i didn't watch entire video

    Chris BrownChris Brown个月 前
  • Are you home schooled then?

    Chris BrownChris Brown个月 前
  • .

    Koral Mr. ToastKoral Mr. Toast个月 前
  • .

    Koral Mr. ToastKoral Mr. Toast个月 前
  • .

    Koral Mr. ToastKoral Mr. Toast个月 前
  • .

    Koral Mr. ToastKoral Mr. Toast个月 前
  • .

    Koral Mr. ToastKoral Mr. Toast个月 前
  • .

    Koral Mr. ToastKoral Mr. Toast个月 前
  • I like to watch your video....and when I'm watch your video, I feel like I want to playing tower of hell.....

    Rabiha Maya AdieraRabiha Maya Adiera个月 前
  • try modded stages heres what u need to do type /remove and then /skip and then /mod 03301555382 and then /skip again

    Brian JürgensenBrian Jürgensen个月 前
  • 2:54 I heard "I'm gay, I'm really gay"😂😂😂

    Kurt Joel DimaalaKurt Joel Dimaala个月 前
    • Sorry dude but he actually said I am ok

      Audrey BlandAudrey Bland26 天 前
    • He said I am ok

      Audrey BlandAudrey Bland26 天 前
    • Cap

      Audrey BlandAudrey Bland26 天 前
    • @Audrey Bland I'm not rude 🙄 that's what I heard bro

      Kurt Joel DimaalaKurt Joel Dimaala个月 前
    • Ur rude

      Audrey BlandAudrey Bland个月 前
  • 1:24 Is no one gonna talk how he skipped that blue stage🤯

    Kurt Joel DimaalaKurt Joel Dimaala个月 前
  • Hey, you should try Juke's Towers of Hell.

    Sami BoiSami Boi个月 前
  • Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Ahmed the noodle Osman noodleAhmed the noodle Osman noodle个月 前
  • 1 L0v4 P1n7 l4a8 ;+;

    Tamyres ceccatoTamyres ceccato个月 前
  • Me : see's PinkLeaf doing Tower Of Hell Ad : Buy domino's pizza now we deliver to the door :D Me : -_-

    HeleneRobloxFishy HeleneRobloxFishy 个月 前
  • DON’T CRY please do not quit I will subscribe to make you feel better :)

    ღ Arxxtic ‘-‘ ღღ Arxxtic ‘-‘ ღ个月 前
  • Can I try play mm2

    Sky BluezzSky Bluezz个月 前
    • You please

      Sky BluezzSky Bluezz个月 前
    • Ypu

      Sky BluezzSky Bluezz个月 前
  • Why

    simo tazisimo tazi个月 前
  • wtf your voice has changed a lot. You speak more fluently

    AgentAgent个月 前
  • No pink your face is not ugly

    Al-rayhan MundasAl-rayhan Mundas个月 前
  • most of his voice videos are good and better than toh videos, yall gotta agree

    KILLWaterKILLWater个月 前
  • Every time I finish watching one of your videos I go play tower of hell you inspire me to get better keep up the good work!

    iichipxiiiiichipxiii个月 前
  • noo nooo noo nooo dont quit noo or if you already did....... FBI OPEN UP


    Frah HassanFrah Hassan个月 前
  • pls dont quit bro . . . i always watching ur gameplays can u teach me some? .

    Mr BeastMr Beast个月 前
  • Plz pinkleaf don't quit toh plz don't u have so many fan plz don't I need to watch u

    Malyny LyMalyny Ly个月 前
  • 1:26 Very very good transaction

    Madelaine Wijaya 1741002Madelaine Wijaya 1741002个月 前