using 68% of my power in tower of hell with RTX ON

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credits to chaosity for the guide!
thx 4 watchin m8

  • jus wanted to make a chill kind of type video cause i have been making extreme ones recently lol

    PinkLeafPinkLeaf5 个月 前
    • bro you did it the music was real chill what song was that ima download it rn

      5ccir25ccir221 天 前
    • @Xeiuzy lol

      Luxurious GamingLuxurious Gaming个月 前
    • Can you give me a shoutout..

      Shotu PlayzShotu Playz个月 前
    • If only the title was 69 instead of 68

      Shotu PlayzShotu Playz个月 前
    • You Dont Deserve 1.58 Mil Subs :) Im Glad To Say It, You Earn One 🙄

      _- Zekey -__- Zekey -_个月 前
  • 70% of this video is disconnected LOL

    Irfan alfarizkyIrfan alfarizky2 天 前
  • His eyes are glasses..

    ItzstaticItzstatic10 天 前
  • Ren's net sucks

    sharma nrsharma nr13 天 前
  • lol your face is so real...

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  • O

    Āłěxā țhê šöłđīĕřĀłěxā țhê šöłđīĕř15 天 前
  • Pinkleaf making an intro: So, this is Roblox ToH but 68% RTX is on. This will make me lag to disconnect. Can I beat the game without lagging with my RTX on? Btw, I use my alt acc to stay in there and being afk for a few hours in other clips. According to those statistics, only a small percentage of viewers or subscribers are subscribing my vids, make sure to hit the like button of my vids and subscribe, I gladly appreciate it. Enjoy watching!

    • Krazy •• Krazy •15 天 前
  • first stage: yes second stage: yes third stage: *n o*

    Jancarlos CuelloJancarlos Cuello16 天 前
  • jus wanted to make a chill kind of type video cause i have been making extreme ones recently lol

    Jroc MincraftJroc Mincraft16 天 前
  • Why not 69

    Rex Rez_FriendRex Rez_Friend18 天 前

    7AMMANI STATION _ حمني ستاشن7AMMANI STATION _ حمني ستاشن18 天 前
  • Lol 69

    its JejeOFFC_its JejeOFFC_19 天 前
  • 99int9erne9t is9 ba9d

    Sarthak SoniSarthak Soni20 天 前
  • 0:43 when your mom turns off your internet while your playing roblox:

    Devdan Dharya PramadanaDevdan Dharya Pramadana20 天 前
  • PC go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Gacha life FanGacha life Fan24 天 前
  • People who played tower of Hell just a few days ago watching this be like: I'm having suffocation

    TheRobloxianStarTheRobloxianStar25 天 前
  • i turned rtx on and my LAPTOP BECOME A HELICOPTER

    Aqua does RobloxAqua does Roblox25 天 前
  • every thing is siver

  • The tower made out of glass

    athba alshareefathba alshareef26 天 前
  • it look like rain

    maziah musamaziah musa26 天 前
  • When Pinkleaf-RenLeaf (looking back and he start looking at you and you saw hes face)While RTX ON

    Mhipyxl_ BGMhipyxl_ BG27 天 前
  • buitifle

    XXAMilanGamerXXXXAMilanGamerXX28 天 前
  • Whattt not die 2.49

    alviani alvianialviani alviani28 天 前
  • Ren has a shiny skin

    NyanPasuDristaNyanPasuDrista个月 前
  • Mending rakit PC

    Albani Adhitya DirgantaraAlbani Adhitya Dirgantara个月 前
  • You look scary with that face bruh

    Falah AlkhadharFalah Alkhadhar个月 前
  • use star code 'PinkLeaf' when buying robux/premium 😎 DO IT NOW OR NO SWAG!

    oofdudeclan ROBLOXoofdudeclan ROBLOX个月 前
  • Oh my gosh does roblox have rtx now

    PurpleAnchorPurpleAnchor个月 前
  • The title is german to me 👁👄👁

    PastellyMiilkPastellyMiilk个月 前
  • i only came here for the music renz :)

    Aesthetic LeafAesthetic Leaf个月 前
  • PinkLeaf : Plays with RTX on without lag Me : Lags on the lowest graphic possible

    Mr AyushMr Ayush个月 前
  • bruh these graphics are insane use 100 percent of ur power next time I wanna see that

    Rayyan AminRayyan Amin个月 前
  • If i did this then the title would be: bottlenecking my cpu for other peoples enjoyment

    BiffyBiffy个月 前

    Toby doesn'tdrawstuffToby doesn'tdrawstuff个月 前
  • i want rtx shaders so bad but i d9ont wannt risk geyyojhnhjhjjh bannheeeddddd 😭😭😭

    - Chroma -- Chroma -个月 前
  • you have the best internet in the world lol

    SoloKingSKSoloKingSK个月 前
  • Alternate title: using 68% of my internet

    awesomeme Woodawesomeme Wood个月 前
  • .. Should’ve been 69%.

    Lx_nny GachaLx_nny Gacha个月 前
  • Do 69%

    Gifted Festive BeeGifted Festive Bee个月 前
  • Howd u not die ren u touched the kill brick

    Mio_playzMio_playz个月 前
  • looks like uhm candy..

    Prøud WeebPrøud Weeb个月 前
  • how do u get RTX

    ItzWill_PlayzYTItzWill_PlayzYT个月 前
  • S a t i s f y i n g

    个月 前
  • rtx graphic : super noice me checking the price : wtf is that

    Harith HakimHarith Hakim个月 前
  • internet sus:|

    Lex Ikkieboy JavierLex Ikkieboy Javier个月 前
  • I wonder what is so bright, it was my PC that was going to explode...

    Boomer Mielper ArroyoBoomer Mielper Arroyo个月 前
  • it looks like you're recording from mobile

    VakeVake个月 前
  • this gives me chill with the music and pinkleaf

  • *tower of rtx*

    UnwellUnwell个月 前
  • what happen if you use your 100% of your power?

    Ralph Christian I. CruzRalph Christian I. Cruz个月 前
  • My EYE

    Siddarth Chatlapally 8th ESiddarth Chatlapally 8th E个月 前
  • Omg that face looks so real.

    SomeRandomGuySomeRandomGuy个月 前
  • Can I get 68 likes instead of 69 lol

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  • what the RTX on!?

    AniTheAmazingAniTheAmazing个月 前
  • He got disconnected alot lol😂😂

    josie cookjosie cook个月 前
  • To those people that doesn’t have RTX. me.

    Kay wu WKay wu W个月 前
  • Everything is shinier then my future.

    Baconator11_6Baconator11_6个月 前
  • Pinkleaf character without rtx: Plastic Pinkleaf character with rtx: shiny silver

    Darth NoobyDarth Nooby个月 前

    GhenzoPlayz 1045GhenzoPlayz 1045个月 前
  • 0:02 No this face THIS CANT BE HAPPENING YA ME RO

    Girlie MedinaGirlie Medina个月 前
  • yo did you see when he fall down?!?!?! he didnt die wtf

    DensDens个月 前
  • Ahhh yes RTX the glass maker

    problem?problem?个月 前
  • goodnight pc

    Hazar EşHazar Eş个月 前
  • *Tower of RTX*

    this channel is dumb idk just dont sub to itthis channel is dumb idk just dont sub to it个月 前
  • That sounds like god mode to me

    Mayo BayoMayo Bayo个月 前
  • What about 69%?

    SlimeingPlays ROBLOXSlimeingPlays ROBLOX个月 前
  • 0:09 woah your skin is so shiny, can you recommend me your soap brand?

    Pedro OliveiraPedro Oliveira个月 前
  • Disconnected Please check your internet connection and try again. (Error Code:___) Leave Reconnect

    FrogFrog2 个月 前
  • I saw u touch the lazer that mean ur cheating

    Cupcaketube CuptbCupcaketube Cuptb2 个月 前
  • My pc: "boom"

    Anti_FlameAnti_Flame2 个月 前
  • The Title is clickbait,he's using 68% of his 1% power.

    TwiSted TuRvyTwiSted TuRvy2 个月 前
  • bruh 100 fps

    SnakeBloxSnakeBlox2 个月 前
  • He using laptop.

    WinningSmile1978WinningSmile19782 个月 前
  • what u get this shaders/mods/effects?

    Red T2qpRed T2qp2 个月 前
  • All the metal in the world: Titanium Vibranium Steel Metal itself PINKLEAFS SHIRT

    Games4LifeGames4Life2 个月 前
  • nice my computer is on fire

  • The halo looks so poggers

    SkeptyySkeptyy2 个月 前
  • How you did that

    Oskar The KillerOskar The Killer2 个月 前
  • Me without an rtx, wifi be like 100% 95% 100%, with rtx on 1% 0% 2%

    Edgar GarciaEdgar Garcia2 个月 前
  • My game crashes loading normally

    moonknightfanwithoutaplanmoonknightfanwithoutaplan2 个月 前
  • Plot Twist: RenTheEpic at the bottom keeps on kicking pinkleaf

    Andy GamezAndy Gamez2 个月 前
  • The 374 dislikes are Lisa and her alt accounts

    Robotbubbles3Robotbubbles32 个月 前
  • Oooooooh fascinating

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  • Omg so cool bero

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  • I like this but rip pc

    Enjoy The WorldEnjoy The World2 个月 前
  • Imagine using RTX

    galaxy darkshadogalaxy darkshado2 个月 前
  • the PAIN

    ArtsybirdArtsybird2 个月 前
  • (ren making a video) His wifi: CAN I JOIN IT

    Really Remi avocado ratReally Remi avocado rat2 个月 前
  • First time seeing ren on level 0 lol

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  • ooh shiny

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  • I'm little bit pro at flood escape 2

    dark demon playzdark demon playz2 个月 前
  • Yo I like the RTX you did

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  • Ok you know what it's cool but you need 100M SUBSCRIBERS

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  • That's look like a clean tower, tower of clean

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  • lol

    Valentina :'DValentina :'D2 个月 前
  • what

    progamerj08 hprogamerj08 h2 个月 前
  • why ur internet connection is so bad?

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  • How do u jump in roblox?

    Odilon RojaOdilon Roja2 个月 前
  • Wow so glassyyt

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