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All the background music is by Alexander Nakarada (www.serpentsoundstudios.com)
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thx 4 watchin m8

  • Arielrblx she says she better than you

    ロッド・ライッスロッド・ライッス3 天 前
  • 1:06 he's telling that he has christmas hat ;-;

    Julia Althea PangilinanJulia Althea Pangilinan5 天 前
  • The thumbnail was so cute

    Heanne_ Chan;Heanne_ Chan;5 天 前
  • Pinkleaf: playing the game Me: staring at his coins

    Sunflower PlayzSunflower Playz6 天 前
  • Ok i swear he makes it look like its easy

    Fhinie VistaFhinie Vista6 天 前
  • 3:25 that transition was so nice

    Openo1rd FromtiktokOpeno1rd Fromtiktok8 天 前
  • Love the epic Christmas music

    Openo1rd FromtiktokOpeno1rd Fromtiktok8 天 前
  • Pls accept my request and give me link to your server😁😁😁😁😁

    Art KlopsikArt Klopsik9 天 前
  • 3:51 everybody reading the chat be like: 😂😂😂

    GamerNinjaYTGamerNinjaYT10 天 前
  • The only thing I can think about dis guy: SPEEEEEEEEEEED

    Chelsea RabayaChelsea Rabaya12 天 前
  • I like how u move ur camera lol

    Ricardo S. Pascua Jr.Ricardo S. Pascua Jr.12 天 前
  • new christmas stages are added now i guess

    James FrigaultJames Frigault13 天 前
  • Why did CNworld recommend me this video even though Christmas is over-

    LIM XU XUAN MoeLIM XU XUAN Moe13 天 前
  • I wish I was pro like pink leaf

    Jameer AloJameer Alo13 天 前
  • How you can play vary fast

    Lojayn AmrLojayn Amr13 天 前
  • 5:45 666...

    spixelPixel espixelPixel e13 天 前
  • Whats your robux sense and mouse dpi

    FrzizxFrzizx14 天 前
  • Wow xd

    ꕥpérolas de maninhasꕥꕥpérolas de maninhasꕥ14 天 前
  • Umm on second round someone joined him

    Ella Playing robloxElla Playing roblox14 天 前
  • ren be like : Am fast as Zep Zep be Like : Hey u not supposed to be like me

    Dabir DedhiaDabir Dedhia15 天 前
  • wow

    Fishplayz tohFishplayz toh15 天 前
  • 3:51 what the LOOK AT CIRCA1897'S LEVEL 666

    Ken KanekiKen Kaneki15 天 前
  • This is how our parents explain how they go to school they always said it's like hell

    DRK1 PAINDRK1 PAIN16 天 前
  • Legends never dies

    FoaionFoaion16 天 前
  • Pinkleaf touches lazer "didn't die" Me didn't touch the laser "dies"

    kimichiu XDkimichiu XD17 天 前
  • Obbys lol

    Michelle HillMichelle Hill17 天 前
  • Pinkleaf u are cool at Ignis

    Michelle HillMichelle Hill17 天 前
    • Obbys Obby

      Michelle HillMichelle Hill17 天 前
  • circa is in lvl 666

    Rodrigo Gomez TrujilloRodrigo Gomez Trujillo18 天 前
  • Me thinking I will one day become this Me in the future realising that I’ll never become it LOL

    Isabella AftonIsabella Afton18 天 前
  • Pink why is ur level 0 I'm so confused I think u use ur skill points (I don't really understand Tower of Hell)

    Rayshan GuovanoRayshan Guovano18 天 前
  • One day I'll be like you☺️

    Prince AtienzaPrince Atienza20 天 前
  • Every toh ytber: i want levl 1M Pinkleaf: mom can i be level 0?

    Blackster_Xtrv 9871Blackster_Xtrv 987121 天 前
  • Nice

    Arick ShrivastavaArick Shrivastava22 天 前
  • when he's level zero but has a pink line -.-

    Nigelle_ DreamyskiesNigelle_ Dreamyskies22 天 前
  • Will you never ever fall? I mean i get that you’re a pink leaf but all leaves fall

    RyuBhrentCastilloRyuBhrentCastillo22 天 前
  • it looks so easy but when i tried it my keyboard crash

    jhierald bongcawiljhierald bongcawil22 天 前
  • Me in Tower of Misery or Tower Kawaii: Tis is easy >:) Me in ToH: this is too hard for me i died too much help me pinkleaf

    ItsFirstDevItsFirstDev23 天 前
  • ToH players all gangsta till PinkLeaf joins the chat

    Khloe_Senpai -0-Khloe_Senpai -0-23 天 前
  • Pink leaf isubscribe you why do you not care about me on that game😢😭😭😭😭

    Chen BellaChen Bella24 天 前
  • Dear pinkleaf I have saw u in hiro tower of hell but u don't know me tog😭😭😭😭

    Chen BellaChen Bella24 天 前
  • Gg

    Audlovgod BlandAudlovgod Bland25 天 前
  • I-

    Itz Aqua OceanItz Aqua Ocean26 天 前
  • realizing its jingle bells but rock n'roll

    Julio EufracioJulio Eufracio26 天 前
  • Who thinks the first tower was admin spawned?

    aaronnrpaaronnrp26 天 前
  • My cousins like- "HE PROBABLY HAS 4 HANDS"

    Don't Touch My MemesDon't Touch My Memes个月 前
  • Well obviously you did it!

    AmIKilling BotAmIKilling Bot个月 前
  • galing mo idol

    galaxy milkywaygalaxy milkyway个月 前
  • Merry Christmas

    Thanh MaiThanh Mai个月 前
  • i see pinkleaf write things on roblox chat lol

    Its NightBellIts NightBell个月 前
  • 0:36 Imagine if this song was accidentally at a Christmas party

    vesna apostolovskavesna apostolovska个月 前
  • OML It’s The Guys From Roblox :O

    BN2RAD13BN2RAD13个月 前
  • imagine if he is level 0 but has over 112k yxles

    Thuc TomyThuc Tomy个月 前
  • You got level 0 but lot a yxles

    Piggy GuyPiggy Guy个月 前
  • Can anyone explain to me why it says he's on level O?

    SophieMaeSophieMae个月 前
  • Pinkleaf: nailed it Me:stuck on second stage

    Krystel Iris de CastroKrystel Iris de Castro个月 前
  • “Hello yt this how to complete 1 stage in 2 secs” Lmfao

    timberland53timberland53个月 前
  • Me realising this was 3 months ago-👁👄👁

    M4kreationM4kreation个月 前
  • Classic. No music from other yters. (no hate)

    B_W50B_W50个月 前
  • I love the pinkleaf

    k1ngk1ng个月 前
  • Pink leaf i have 1031 yxls in tower of hell for real and i sub and like

    Amilcar ChavezAmilcar Chavez个月 前
  • Pinkleaf: u can't beat me. Me: I know, but he can Fly command: *show time*

    Hendrix jane ramosHendrix jane ramos个月 前
  • Why do I think the rock music makes it feel like the video hardcore and so cool

    PiggyFNF ChannelPiggyFNF Channel个月 前
  • I dont have play toh when the event is here😭

    •Little Möøn••Little Möøn•个月 前
  • The thing is that why is he level 0 ;-;

    Roter ChanRoter Chan个月 前
  • Pinkleaf: -completes TOH in 3 minutes- Me: -keeps dying And not using shift lock- 😂😂😂

    Jessie_ OreoJessie_ Oreo个月 前
  • IM NOT ZASa gamin im natalia

    Zashow GamingZashow Gaming个月 前

    Zashow GamingZashow Gaming个月 前
  • Patalon talon pa...shayang lang space mo jan pre

    Mira RicoMira Rico个月 前
  • Can you explain to me how is he level 0 (I’m clearly new)

    cherrybxmbcherrybxmb个月 前
  • how to get permission in roblox i have no permission Pinkleaf

  • I wonder how he know all of the shortcuts.

    SomeRandomGuySomeRandomGuy个月 前
  • Kaya cool

    Anisa AbdullahiAnisa Abdullahi个月 前
  • Cooolll

    Anisa AbdullahiAnisa Abdullahi个月 前
  • What song is the backround music.!?! Is lit!

    KylePlayzKylePlayz个月 前
  • pink leaf is the best in tower of hell

    Evil ShadowEvil Shadow个月 前
  • 1:26 Lol-

    LegendRBPlayzLegendRBPlayz个月 前
  • *-H O W-* Wait...you go up in thereee....but you still level 0...-*ARE YOU SERIUS DONT WANT TO GO TO THAT WHITE THINGS*-

    《•Lovexxi-!•》《•Lovexxi-!•》个月 前

    HOLYbotsHOLYbots个月 前
  • What is the music at the start of the epic video

    HenxbeHenxbe个月 前
  • Ur soo cool

    Fidget Toys MML / tradingFidget Toys MML / trading个月 前
  • 3:51 Im sorry but at that time I realized that Circa was on level 666

    •Hannah I guess••Hannah I guess•个月 前
  • I like your video gg

    Dede PaneDede Pane个月 前
  • How U can be 0 leave?! 😂😂 *The reason is he friend the owner?!*

    CallMehBertha YTCallMehBertha YT个月 前
  • in this day is now not christmas it will be easter but it must like 1 month

    Mai Anh NguyenMai Anh Nguyen个月 前
  • Fun fact: How to import Islamic music to ToH

  • Ikr

    maria penamaria pena个月 前
  • 3:53 no way he just did that

    Kriv_playzzKriv_playzz个月 前
    • @Henxbe xD

      Kriv_playzzKriv_playzz个月 前
    • That’s impossible no way he can do that maybe he hack or running from corona xd

      HenxbeHenxbe个月 前
  • cool music pink leaf :D

    happyprorobloxhappyproroblox个月 前
  • this guy is the god of tower of hell, no cap.

    Faye PamilacanFaye Pamilacan个月 前
  • Okay the song gives me a ✨v i b e✨

    Wholsome_AkoWholsome_Ako个月 前
  • Hi this is random I’m actually thirsty

    Ashley BreazealeAshley Breazeale个月 前
  • yooo the song sounds like steel ball run JJBA johnny's theme

  • The fact he finished 2 towers in exactly 3:40

    - Nxkki know it all -- Nxkki know it all -个月 前
  • Pinkleaf is the King

    Baltasar AbimanyuBaltasar Abimanyu个月 前
  • very extReme music Ren: its very rpic

    Mark DanielMark Daniel个月 前
  • even tho im messaging late and its not christmas the music is intense xD

    71kdex71kdex个月 前
  • Is just about to turn 2021: Is speeding on feet to get to New York. Me: aren't you forgetting something? PinkLeaf: What? Also me: Covid... Duh

    DoberdogDoberdog个月 前
  • Nasa gensan ka ren?

    JustNxttyJustNxtty个月 前
  • Welp, The crhistmas song got even worse..

    TheGreat_ RaxTheGreat_ Rax个月 前
  • I'm quitting tower of hell bruh 😒

    Shaikh NehaShaikh Neha个月 前