KreekCraft Said I'm TRASH at Tower Of Hell so I did this...

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thx 4 watchin m8

  • uh oh you weren't supposed to see that

    KreekCraftKreekCraft2 个月 前
    • lol

      Bill MosesBill Moses个月 前
    • Hahahahahahha

      ben doverben dover个月 前
    • ahahah Lol

      Zyan DiñoZyan Diño个月 前
    • Get expode

      madi and me supmadi and me sup个月 前
    • cool

      The Limited U GuyThe Limited U Guy2 个月 前
  • Me having 1000+ in tower of hell:😎 My sister behind:"Can you buy invi?" Me:"I'm out"

    * Moon Bleed ** Moon Bleed *3 小时 前
  • a video in a video in a video in a stream

    Ibrahim AbdelrahmanIbrahim Abdelrahman5 小时 前
  • Fun fact: The most of the population in the pro towers Are mostly noobs thinking they’re pro’s

    Leigh HanleyLeigh Hanley天 前
  • Are we gonna talk about that he has 960k robux?

    Starlight wolfStarlight wolf天 前
  • e

    khadija umerkhadija umer天 前
  • Pinkleaf:You have Choosen To Death.

    Z ZZ Z天 前
  • It is happening

    Zach WilsonZach Wilson2 天 前
  • Pov:ur looking at pinkleafs robux

  • look in his outfit(no) look in his robux(yes)

  • Someone men to you so you don't need to be mean back

    francheska tesalonafrancheska tesalona2 天 前
  • Mabye just a joke

    omaksss gamingomaksss gaming2 天 前
  • im subscribed your so good at tower of hell your one of my idols

    Jean ByrneJean Byrne3 天 前
  • Kreek: HAH NOOB Pinkleaf: u have chosen death..

    Adam JavierAdam Javier3 天 前
  • 4:56 so no one is gonna talk about all his notif on roblox

    Yadne GariandoYadne Gariando3 天 前
  • At least he’s better then kreek craft

    Roblox worldRoblox world4 天 前
  • How could he

    Roblox worldRoblox world4 天 前
  • KreekCraft is just jealous.

    TwundragonKTwundragonK4 天 前
  • Lol kreek exposed

    AizenAizen5 天 前
  • Me staring at his Robux at the beginning

    Spring SunSpring Sun6 天 前
  • Sad D:

    Angel GamerAngel Gamer6 天 前

    Calvin bgCalvin bg7 天 前
  • Hello, can you teach me to play Tower of Hel

    hanif abdillahhanif abdillah8 天 前
  • Renleaf talking robux: 960K+ bobux: 190

    Efe RucogluEfe Rucoglu8 天 前
  • guys can you see the account on the google its ehh i forgot what youtuber was that

    Bryan GamingBryan Gaming8 天 前
  • Was Pyxl dev on blue-

    CyxlesLeafCyxlesLeaf9 天 前
  • Pinkleaf: *completes 99 towers* Kreekcraft: Yeah he's average. Pinkleaf: *dies once* Kreekcraft: Yeah he's pretty trash

    A ChannelA Channel10 天 前

    RainbowPlayzRobloxRainbowPlayzRoblox10 天 前
  • I hate that dude one to show him on the screen carry-on

    Angel JinAngel Jin11 天 前
  • Hmmmm creek nah my brother doesn't know so I'll won't tell🤫🤫🤫

    vibesgamervibesgamer12 天 前
  • We all humans have some failures at something we are good at sometimes

    ·-Purps4Life-··-Purps4Life-·13 天 前
  • Kreek: Pinkleaf is average Pinkleaf: ARE U SURE ABOUT THAT!?!?

    Nimo AbukarNimo Abukar14 天 前
  • Lol

    Nimo AbukarNimo Abukar14 天 前
  • Dude u have many haters....

    Leon ZeneliLeon Zeneli14 天 前
  • Kreecraft sucks

    V V SubhashiniV V Subhashini14 天 前
  • lol

    Mike Ng'ang'aMike Ng'ang'a14 天 前
  • Beginning of the video: "And he's NOT subscribed" Me: he mad bruh 😂 JK!!

    •Mocha Star••Mocha Star•14 天 前
  • 4:05 greekcraft with captions

    Bhagyashree KulkarniBhagyashree Kulkarni15 天 前
  • Gosh u sound like hiccup😭

    Ysabhelle TambaganYsabhelle Tambagan16 天 前
  • You’re not the best best tower of hell but OK and also you can’t just think everybody’s perfect and also you can’t think that your soul was perfect because that’s kind of rude and also offensive

    jaz.400 ljaz.400 l16 天 前
  • Bro kreek why you so little mean

    Ting LauTing Lau17 天 前
  • Ym pro,in tower of hell its my brother not git😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Yildiz ErYildiz Er17 天 前
  • ngl i use to watch kreekcraft when he was playing piggy and i stopped for 2 years so lol the name of this video:THE REVENGE OF PINK LEAF (just a joke :)) a few days later pink leaf:*makes a video about playing ToH with kreekcraft*

    Eileen NagalEileen Nagal18 天 前
  • I watch creek Craft

    Audrey ChuaAudrey Chua18 天 前

    Jayden ChenJayden Chen19 天 前
  • You have new subscriber :D

    Aleksandra WąsAleksandra Wąs19 天 前
  • uh oh he has 1M robux probably he will spend it on no pants again

    •ᴀsᴛxʀɪsᴍ ••ᴀsᴛxʀɪsᴍ •19 天 前
  • plyxdev

    Disbieief PapyrusDisbieief Papyrus19 天 前
  • FNF

    Disbieief PapyrusDisbieief Papyrus19 天 前
  • Average...

    Inf1nity XYXZInf1nity XYXZ20 天 前
  • 960k+ bobux :0

    SpootsSpoots20 天 前
  • We luv pinkleaf :)

    MrError DudMrError Dud20 天 前
  • Pinkleafs voice is really cute

    aesthetic_kawaiiaesthetic_kawaii20 天 前
  • Kreek u call everyone a noob the guy in piggy apeedrun who is boss u called him a noob because he lost 2 seconds

    sweetie waglesweetie wagle20 天 前
  • Bruh. KreekCraft should be ashamed. PinkLeaf rules😊

    •.ClumsyxRat.••.ClumsyxRat.•20 天 前
  • That is funny KreekCraft I used to watch you :)

    Katie HoganKatie Hogan20 天 前
    • Also you where being harsh

      Katie HoganKatie Hogan20 天 前
  • Me: “omg lets watch this” *clicks on video* GRAMMARLY

    Marta KričkovićMarta Kričković21 天 前
  • ;

    XxCloudyXxXxCloudyXx21 天 前
  • Oh, My brain cells are broken

    aaronnrpaaronnrp21 天 前
  • You are man

    Moses james QuilantangMoses james Quilantang21 天 前
  • Pink leaf im a huge fan

    Naz ElepongaNaz Eleponga21 天 前
  • filipino ka pala eh

    Googly EyesGoogly Eyes21 天 前
  • You deserve everything, PinkLeaf.

    AliviaAlivia22 天 前
  • Dream craft your trash and u are supposed to see that :>

    Paige HallPaige Hall22 天 前
  • He thinks your bad bc he knows your better than him💅🙄 keep it up ren

    Paige HallPaige Hall22 天 前

    c:c:22 天 前
  • lol

    BladeBlade22 天 前
  • Oofff

    ꧁•Ash Plays•꧂꧁•Ash Plays•꧂22 天 前

    iiAlxssaii gamingiiAlxssaii gaming23 天 前
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    Hello BritanyHello Britany23 天 前
  • fun fact: living things eat greanleaf not pinkleaf

    BlȖ̈R̸R̸Y⃠ ఌBlȖ̈R̸R̸Y⃠ ఌ26 天 前
  • Pinkleaf: I was trying my best! Me: can’t get past 4 stages with no problem when I’m on lvl 25...

    Lumturi BraceLumturi Brace27 天 前

    michelle tandionomichelle tandiono27 天 前
  • Hi

    So sassy SaigeSo sassy Saige28 天 前
  • kreek craft said what!?!?!

    nathaniel nicolasuranathaniel nicolasura28 天 前
  • 4:39 just look at robux count

    AMonarAMonar28 天 前
  • kreek is trahs

    shadowshadow28 天 前
  • Me seeing his robux :o

    its_cloudyits_cloudy28 天 前
  • when he said oh its average i was like what its average!?

  • You are the 2nd best toh player

    HAXASHAXAS29 天 前
  • pinkleaf is a good person

    Drake_ytDrake_yt29 天 前
  • OMG robux renleaf

    Master glicMaster glic29 天 前
  • at 3:27 why did it sound like he said kreek crap- lmaooo im srry i just heard that lol- (this was not meant to be rude about his voice)

    TeaTea个月 前
  • pink leaf : kreekCraft subtitles : *cree crap* pink leaf : tower of hell subtitles : *torfor*

    • R i n •• R i n •个月 前
  • Boo no Denis is good kreekcraft is good u get crushed nooooooooooooooooob u so salty

    Tommy MoonTommy Moon个月 前
  • 5:57 Me: looking at the robux 👁👄👁

    Roblox TT CompilationsRoblox TT Compilations个月 前
  • Haha krrek you mest up!

    Ali KlepoAli Klepo个月 前
  • 0:51 what it feels like to be in a pink leaf video: *im the guy in the blue hoodie*

    YonderyeeterYonderyeeter个月 前

    Meerab AbbasiMeerab Abbasi个月 前

    Meerab AbbasiMeerab Abbasi个月 前
  • Ima unsub to kreek craft

    MØKĪ_OwOMØKĪ_OwO个月 前
    • just kidding

      MØKĪ_OwOMØKĪ_OwO个月 前
    • Im a pink leaf sub and flamingo and kreek kraft so cant

      MØKĪ_OwOMØKĪ_OwO个月 前
    • I literally cant

      MØKĪ_OwOMØKĪ_OwO个月 前
    • Joke

      MØKĪ_OwOMØKĪ_OwO个月 前
    • Im rly sorry

      MØKĪ_OwOMØKĪ_OwO个月 前
  • He’s the guy that trashed slothy! Poor slothy! Remember!

    Langston ReeseLangston Reese个月 前
  • bruh if he says he's average he called me a noob in all 5 different languages 0-0

    JJKK kimJJKK kim个月 前
  • Funfact: i never see pink leaf play Friday night funkin

    froggefrogge个月 前
  • Pink leaf dk you have tik tok i was just wondering cause if you type pinkleaf theres a bunch of users of realpinkleaf?

    katelynn v.?katelynn v.?个月 前
  • did anyone see his robux?

    Ellie OlofssonEllie Olofsson个月 前
  • Idk kreek u a toxic guy

    ZexplyYT gamingZexplyYT gaming个月 前
  • Is this video a joke? Lol even Kreek appeared

    Ágatha SilvaÁgatha Silva个月 前
  • It's 1.57million subs But congratulations

    •Melødy _edıt••Melødy _edıt•个月 前
  • Me at the first: *looking in robux*

    mariel imperialmariel imperial个月 前