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background music by Extan!
thx 4 watchin m8

  • Back Pinkleaf Ots Been a year seens i did not watched u and im back!

    Gem BalmonteGem Balmonte24 秒 前
  • And they say the perfect tower dossent exist lol. He takes all the risky shortcuts calmy and im here getting mad and doing the easy shortcuts and still falling lol

    ilikepillows12ilikepillows1225 分钟 前
  • Its so fast i can't see it

    Gab animationGab animation小时 前
  • hey pinkleaf, ur rblx merch just got deleted

    ThatsTotallyAlex_ThatsTotallyAlex_小时 前
  • He is like third version of remainings and techno blade

    Blox BricksBlox Bricks2 小时 前
  • i- stole some of you TOH moves sir hehehehe.

    GamingwithmysterioGamingwithmysterio4 小时 前
  • man... you should try Juke's Towers of Hell!

    Guy 732Guy 7325 小时 前
  • Why no one is talking about his level? It’s 0 HOWWWWWW?!

    HᴜᴢᴀɪғᴀHᴜᴢᴀɪғᴀ5 小时 前
  • :)

    《 Pearl_Potter Playz 》《 Pearl_Potter Playz 》7 小时 前
  • Pls play difficulty charts or tiered obbies why still tower of hell? By playing tower of hell your 4 year old fans keep crying in every video ever made

    ClicktyClickty7 小时 前
  • Me on phone: ✨ *aCcEpTabLe* ✨ Me on PC: *Spends a whole hour tryna get passed the flipping stairs.*

    Strawberry MilkshakeStrawberry Milkshake7 小时 前
  • This guy hasn't post in a month, I'm scared

    Valentino C. Tagod, Jr.Valentino C. Tagod, Jr.7 小时 前
  • He calm and I’m be like sweating

    *Sky_Donut **Sky_Donut *8 小时 前
  • Pinkleaf rake mi my name rahem_095 rake mi mi pro play

    RAHIM UsmanovRAHIM Usmanov10 小时 前
  • 2nd 1 min

    deividaskvietkauskas2deividaskvietkauskas210 小时 前
  • First is 3 min

    deividaskvietkauskas2deividaskvietkauskas211 小时 前
  • I hacked so I did it in 3 sec I'm better

    deividaskvietkauskas2deividaskvietkauskas211 小时 前
  • God loves you ❤️

    Cotton Squad!Cotton Squad!11 小时 前
  • Ren I feel like ur on a break's okie

    Amy!Amy!11 小时 前
  • I am cursed to not get to the end of toh

    FreoliverFreoliver11 小时 前
  • I have one friend friend very superior he said you and many youtuber bad at hard obby can you teach him how you pro pls

    Bảo Đào GiaBảo Đào Gia12 小时 前

    Reese RamirezReese Ramirez12 小时 前
    • I think he is taking break or focused on studies if he is on break it's ok because he deserves it

      Snoop_ Dog_Snoop_ Dog_9 小时 前
  • Hey pink

    Bảo Đào GiaBảo Đào Gia12 小时 前
  • Heyrosalina: about to win cutely Pinkleaf: kills her cutely

    Yxri SanYxri San12 小时 前
  • Pinkleaf: completes a tower in 25 seconds Me : It's been 4 minutes why am I on the first stage?

  • parkour god of minecraft:Dream parkour god of roblox :Pinkleaf

    Alan DingAlan Ding13 小时 前
  • Hes so good howww

    karenjurgenkarenjurgen13 小时 前
  • wtf its cool

    Dominik PietruschkaDominik Pietruschka14 小时 前
  • can u do a vid where you dont skip?

    ari smellsari smells14 小时 前
  • I will band i allmost hacking bye noob

    youtube tvyoutube tv14 小时 前
  • Me alone when I fall in TToH: *silence* Me in a crowded area when I fall in first jump of a stage: *breaks the sound barrier

    P5A10 Student Da Silva Ferreira Nuno 飛浩龍P5A10 Student Da Silva Ferreira Nuno 飛浩龍15 小时 前
  • Minecraft: we have dream 😎 Roblox: we have pink leaf 😎 😎 😎 Minecraft: 🙁

    • That's true They both are good

      NoTSharkNoTShark15 小时 前
  • Plss pinkleaf download frag pro shooter

    Khazana SinghKhazana Singh16 小时 前
  • My brain is melting!!!!!! still god as before

    Ghulam MujtabaGhulam Mujtaba16 小时 前
  • Man ur Learning ur 360s Lol

    Poofy DudePoofy Dude17 小时 前
  • Hii I met u in tower of easy

    Chea MolikaChea Molika18 小时 前
  • If i finsih it is take a year

    admaja firmansyahadmaja firmansyah18 小时 前

    daniel james de villadaniel james de villa18 小时 前
  • What song is the first one so cool

    JanqR RobloxJanqR Roblox19 小时 前
  • He just taught me 29 skips I never knew were possible

    Meng Kit ThongMeng Kit Thong19 小时 前
  • Congrats pink

    Slicey Cakey CODMSlicey Cakey CODM19 小时 前
  • Vs RosalinaSpeedruns

    KawaiiKittyKawaiiKitty19 小时 前
  • He is my sis

    youtube tvyoutube tv19 小时 前
  • U have shoot my he almost at finish u shoot her name rosalina

    youtube tvyoutube tv19 小时 前
  • U don have enaf chance

    youtube tvyoutube tv19 小时 前
  • I will band u

    youtube tvyoutube tv19 小时 前
  • Cheater

    youtube tvyoutube tv19 小时 前
  • Sis was crying u have a gun and u shoot yer

    youtube tvyoutube tv19 小时 前
  • See you cheater

    youtube tvyoutube tv19 小时 前
  • Ur subs we'll be 23

    youtube tvyoutube tv19 小时 前
  • Ur cheating

    youtube tvyoutube tv19 小时 前
  • I will band ur channel on youtube

    youtube tvyoutube tv19 小时 前
    • HAHAHAH Another kid

      NoTSharkNoTShark15 小时 前
  • How do you do the mouse lock thing that keeps your body in one way only

    Birupakshya SethiBirupakshya Sethi19 小时 前
  • sorry renleaf but i havent got refunded by the shirts

    Spookii ChanSpookii Chan20 小时 前
  • Wow absolutely fast

    Dr_eqmDr_eqm21 小时 前
  • 10 robux pls i bought both of it

    Foxystargamer1234Foxystargamer123422 小时 前
  • pink leaf where is my refund

    Foxystargamer1234Foxystargamer123422 小时 前
  • Please post

    UnlimitedEshanUnlimitedEshan22 小时 前
  • 😑

    NoObs ManNoObs Man23 小时 前
  • Why he not posting

    Jose Victor Mateo TapiaJose Victor Mateo Tapia23 小时 前
  • jonharvhie1

    raul beldqraul beldq天 前
  • 1v1 in tower of hell konharvhie1

    raul beldqraul beldq天 前
  • his mouse must be so good

    yaru zuoyaru zuo天 前
  • pinkleaf is the #1 pro toh in the world but he has more skills than us, but he helps us to be a pro in toh.

    Myra YprimeMyra Yprime天 前
  • R.I.P to ppl that has broken pc's Lol

    Ruel RetalesRuel Retales天 前
  • Ada orang Indonesia disini? ;-;

    QillxyaQillxya天 前
  • This man should speed run Minecraft

    SappySappy天 前
  • Bruh to do an wr rec need God mode!

    Rayan GamerRayan Gamer天 前
  • My hands start sweating when I get to the second part of the tower

    kids tabletkids tablet天 前
  • Pinkleaf is a winner and he is so smart I love him 🥺

    HourixxHourixx天 前
  • Pink leaf:*beats the whole tower in 25s Me:*beats first lvl in 3 minutes*

    Starlight wolfStarlight wolf天 前
  • the first one should be a world record

    Lynda SencidaLynda Sencida天 前
  • Omg sorry ag my ac is agentkisbissjehibe2

    Mariana HasanMariana Hasan天 前
  • Sorry it was agentkisbissjehi2

    Mariana HasanMariana Hasan天 前
  • My ac is agentkisbissjehi29

    Mariana HasanMariana Hasan天 前
  • Pls.....

    Mariana HasanMariana Hasan天 前
  • And make a privet serever

    Mariana HasanMariana Hasan天 前
  • Pinkleaf i mean renleaf can you friend me bc i sub

    Mariana HasanMariana Hasan天 前
  • Level 0: 40 skill points unspent Edit: first time i see 40 later -80!? What da...

    KubussKubuss天 前
  • Hi pink leaf

    Art KlopsikArt Klopsik天 前
  • hi ive been looking all over u havent made a vid in 3 weeks :(

    ツanxiety takes overツanxiety takes over天 前
  • sweet moves

  • cracked at roblox my guy UH

    Enzo OzneEnzo Ozne天 前
  • pink leaf i want to learn how to play in pc can u teach me at 4:00 at fryday

    Aariz 4DAariz 4D天 前
  • pink i want u to chalenge me in tower of the hell my name ramyfavor1 chalenge me plz

    ramy zakiramy zaki天 前
  • him takes a gazillion times to rage me falls once buys a new pc

    Maiia LagmayMaiia Lagmay天 前
  • pink leaf is puRe pRo of shift lock lol

    Simply BunnySimply Bunny天 前
  • Hi pinkleaf :) i am u new subcribers..i want to tell that someone named ToNigthd0819 he said he pro then everyone and he said pink leaf are noob he said he win when he play tower with you so please can you figth he back in tower of hell :( he really rude to everyone 😔😔😔

  • Pink leaf can you report a person in tower of hell? The name is:Test179287(Reason:he use happy mod to cheat in tower of hell) (I might be a backstabber)

    adooluu_2adooluu_2天 前
    • @adooluu_2 yeah but proof

      KrothonoxKrothonox21 小时 前
    • @Krothonox well he really did it

      adooluu_2adooluu_2天 前
    • You need proof / record

      KrothonoxKrothonox天 前
  • what subcribe button you i have only telli btw i am from estonia😀

    eliselis天 前
  • After the 25 sec i was like SHEEEEEEESH MAN

    K a w a i i H a n aK a w a i i H a n a天 前
  • You always cheated on 1v1

    Ryan philip CabotajeRyan philip Cabotaje天 前
  • The wr is 23.57

    Ash灰Ash灰天 前

    XxItz_ WakaixXXxItz_ WakaixX天 前
  • I always found video about.. "the prove that im better than pinkleaf" And i was like she start first then pinkleaf bruh

    HelloHello天 前
  • I using you shortcuts if i playing ToH

    Zahra SumayyahZahra Sumayyah天 前
  • Where is new video. This is you last video PinkLeaf??.pls i want a new video.i watch all you video .can you make a new video ToH??

    Zahra SumayyahZahra Sumayyah天 前
  • Pinkleaf:completes a tower in 20 sec Me:takes almost the whole time completing the tower He is literally almost 21 times stronger then me.He is so much better then me

    SunnySunny天 前
    • I didn't mean strong xD

      SunnySunny天 前
  • nooob pinkleaf so bobo and dum,b

    GTrozdevGTrozdev天 前