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thx 4 watchin m8

  • Great I always fail at the first one ;-;

    Layla plays roblox games RobloxLayla plays roblox games Roblox3 天 前
  • When I see pinkleaf Playing Tower of Hell!! When I see My Self Playing Tower Of Hell!! Uhm-Uhm.. 😳

    Sana AmatullahSana Amatullah6 天 前
  • he looks like hes on lvl 500 or somthing idk it says lvl zero but look at his coins

    Michmich yayMichmich yay6 天 前
  • Hey i have a hack on da hurtle thing jump to the wall after da 1 rap around

    Kelley IlaganKelley Ilagan7 天 前
  • HA Pinkleaf will NEVER reply this LOL

    renloxCraftrenloxCraft8 天 前
  • Sister FN FL Trump DJ z FB d snow to DJ😀😀

    PinkleafAtet and PinkleafIah Roblox &iahPinkleafAtet and PinkleafIah Roblox &iah9 天 前
  • i loved this song! perfect to play roblox!

    babita minegirlbabita minegirl14 天 前
    • Sameeeeeeeee

      TonyPlayzRobloxTonyPlayzRoblox11 天 前
  • Pinkleaf: Sub to Pinkleaf Me: I Subbed to Pinkleaf lol

    Isaac LacangIsaac Lacang19 天 前
    • Yuh

      TonyPlayzRobloxTonyPlayzRoblox11 天 前
  • I feel like the first tower was admin-spawned

    aaronnrpaaronnrp22 天 前
  • Sir it’s been like 1 minute and u already till the end, I could neva

    • farwah2010 •• farwah2010 •24 天 前
  • Smooth.

    Dongjian LengDongjian Leng24 天 前
  • I tried doing the shift lock technique like what you did but when I'm almost done the sticky keys showed up and made me fall ;-;

    Aeus Clark Miguel MirandaAeus Clark Miguel Miranda25 天 前
  • Pro skillz

    AdamAdam26 天 前
  • bruh ok i will sub later...

    gendis biangendis bian28 天 前
  • Pinkleaf: 85 fps Meanwhile me on 20 fps using fps unlocker: Am i joke to you?

    GameridkGameridk28 天 前
    • -_-

      TonyPlayzRobloxTonyPlayzRoblox11 天 前
  • Wow Pinkleaf: Music LIKE This Like LOL Tower Of Hell

    mostafa abdelmohsenmostafa abdelmohsen29 天 前
  • i got bored now i watch your videos

    LAL2007LAL2007个月 前
  • Sub To Pinkleaf😋🙂

    Angelie Mae M. AgajanAngelie Mae M. Agajan个月 前
  • Reminder:im a girl Me:Yo ren there is a few seconds left you can't finish the tower. Ren:Hold my beer

    zoha shahzoha shah个月 前
  • Sometimes I just wonder what pink leaf FPS is

    Robert CampbellRobert Campbell个月 前
  • I like how he makes himself trying to tell us that to sub his channel XD

    anime boy gameranime boy gamer个月 前
  • Ayo

    DreamLoveGeorge BGDreamLoveGeorge BG个月 前
  • new hat 2021

    Handra SaputraHandra Saputra个月 前
  • Smooth

    John francis SarolJohn francis Sarol个月 前
  • I feel like I want to make a video like the same but copy this looks cool

    Alex ZanderAlex Zander个月 前
  • sometimes i think im better them pinkleaf but thats never gonna happpen :/

    Corey ZhangCorey Zhang个月 前
  • Wait at Christmas he has over 114k but not has only 98k what

    Thuc TomyThuc Tomy个月 前
  • His fingers be like; 🆙⏯⏸▶️⏬🔼⏪⏹⏯➡️⏪⏪⏩⏮⏸⏩ Also his fingers; *come on man give us a break*

    Ldsvis DelgadoLdsvis Delgado个月 前
  • 0:29 I know it LOL

    brostupid123 altProObrostupid123 altProO个月 前
  • that so cool man😎

    Andrew RaagasAndrew Raagas个月 前
  • Happy new year

    fire ice vs beastfire ice vs beast个月 前
  • Hey pinkleaf y are u level 0 answer me

    FireWolfie ClawFireWolfie Claw个月 前
  • Happy new year

    IsabelllaIsabellla个月 前
  • chicken nuggets

    xXvilors_XxxXvilors_Xx个月 前
  • U playing like an huhhhh i make 1 tower in 5 minutes he like 1 minute howw

    Firize BasakFirize Basak个月 前
  • what the name of the song? its fire

    GuardianPlayzGuardianPlayz个月 前
  • 0:16 : right ear bud 0:17 : left ear bud

    Yanyan AKA Cinnamon_RollYanyan AKA Cinnamon_Roll个月 前
  • everyone: **looking at him play** me: **looks at his money the whole entire time**

    Sunset Floralls ɞSunset Floralls ɞ个月 前
  • 0:36 guys pinkleaf say sub to pinkleaf

    Pain HubPain Hub个月 前
  • 1:45 look at circa's level 0-0

    DarkwolfDarkwolf个月 前
  • That the truth

    Gaurav BabbarGaurav Babbar个月 前
  • So satisfying

    MatDrawzStoffYTMatDrawzStoffYT个月 前
  • Pinkleaf in ToH: lol this is so easy Pinkleaf in the impossible obby: HOLY $H!T THIS IS SO HARD

    Václav VozárVáclav Vozár个月 前
  • I saw the level is 0...but coins are Many, Are YOU HECKER?

  • omg circa's level is cursed its 666 the demonic number

    Ludwig Galilee PatriarcaLudwig Galilee Patriarca个月 前
  • Is it just me or is very satisfying "also happy new year everyone" =)

    Alfrado2712Alfrado2712个月 前
  • Pink leaf i dare you too play Bassically FNF

    Rachma iikRachma iik个月 前
  • i like the song it feels so chill

    Hida BaharudinHida Baharudin个月 前
  • When your mom says you have one minute to play:

    Uncle IrohUncle Iroh个月 前

    BlueCosmicBlueCosmic个月 前
  • just asking what music is this cuz this music is epic 👌👌

    Jomy JosephJomy Joseph个月 前
  • I friend request you in roblox

    Tamim AldaherTamim Aldaher个月 前
  • 2020: this guy is an obvious hacker!! 2021: Nope, poor dude is just trying to run away from Corona!

    Apple OrangeApple Orange2 个月 前
  • Pink leaf is so good at tower od hell i wish i could be him

    Jordan AndesJordan Andes2 个月 前
    • same....

      TonyPlayzRobloxTonyPlayzRoblox11 天 前
  • He's really good at obby's

    Beverly DaclagBeverly Daclag2 个月 前
  • The council is very proud of you reaching the game of life this far. As an individual *you* who is capable of much more than anyone else, we would like to challenge you to the most dreadful, torturous, painful, and horrific challenge on the planet. Juke's Towers of Hell. It has actually tortured the masters of obbys for years, but our only challenge is that you conplete the Citadel of Laptop Splitting. Ren, you are the chosen one. Pursue this achievement and don't let anything take you down.

    SandBoxArrowSandBoxArrow2 个月 前
  • Pinkleaf:fast at Toh Me: have you ever have a dream that..um.. You had that... You uh... You Want.

    Pirir MileyPirir Miley2 个月 前
  • Legend never die....

    WildCatsPlayzWildCatsPlayz2 个月 前
  • How high is your sensitivity?

    Minseok KimMinseok Kim2 个月 前
  • And why u level 0

    Ammar YazeedAmmar Yazeed2 个月 前
  • Pink leaf how do you so pro

    Ammar YazeedAmmar Yazeed2 个月 前
  • im so thankful bro like yess

    getting a lil hot in heregetting a lil hot in here2 个月 前
  • Remember me when you get famous plz!well not just me all of ur supporters

    Alexandra VeraAlexandra Vera2 个月 前
  • hey bro pls teach me tower of hell\ XD

  • Me:goes to get water will the video is playing Me:comes back and sees pl finished the tower

    It's JessicaIt's Jessica2 个月 前
  • Nice hat 2021 dude 👍🏻

    Nuel GamingNuel Gaming2 个月 前
  • How are you flicking say me pls

    Raj KumarRaj Kumar2 个月 前
  • Music that this video used: AGST - Lucid

    Daz RBLXDaz RBLX2 个月 前
  • players never defeat pinkleaf :/

    ivanheinz dinglasaivanheinz dinglasa2 个月 前
  • Wats this song?? Im curious ;-; pls tell me??

    PurpePurpe2 个月 前
  • Me: presses the shift lock key every few seconds. My laptop: AYO WANT STICKY KEYS

    spamm.eternalspamm.eternal2 个月 前
  • Soo no one noticed his friend is level 666?

    ellyse playseellyse playse2 个月 前
  • 0:05 u can freeze/lag jump (B

    Franciszek DybałaFranciszek Dybała2 个月 前
  • Cool

    Regina GrabowskiRegina Grabowski2 个月 前
  • 1:43 no one : me : HACKER HACKER HACKER (joke)

    NewFissNewFiss2 个月 前
  • Pinkleafs fingers: uP dOwN LeFt RiGhT, iM gOiNg tO mOvE mAh FeEt ToNiGhT My brain on the other hand: dOwN RiGhT LeF-...wat daw fawk

    Čøøkīë BïkėrČøøkīë Bïkėr2 个月 前
  • whats the song called?

    Čøøkīë BïkėrČøøkīë Bïkėr2 个月 前
  • Fiiineee ILL SUUb LOL

    Seniat GugsaSeniat Gugsa2 个月 前
  • hi

    justineangel daluzjustineangel daluz2 个月 前
  • the song is AGST - Lucid and btw happy new year

  • Pinkleaf Accept My Friend Request On Roblox PleaseMy User Is Username:Happy_Boy1342 Please Notice Mie

    Araceli AbetriaAraceli Abetria2 个月 前
  • pinkleaf:not fall and almost touch the lasers my big sis she is 11:fall and touch the lasers

    Baltasar AbimanyuBaltasar Abimanyu2 个月 前
    • You are not yet allowed to have a YT acc, You said your (BIG sister) is 11, Meaning that you are younger than 11, You must be 13 to have a YT account.

      Timothy TanTimothy Tan2 个月 前
  • Pink Leaf I saw you online!

    EnAEnA2 个月 前
  • Me reaching 1000 coins.... You sitting there with 92761 coins

  • Wow, he’s pro

    han fenghan feng2 个月 前
  • Cool

    han fenghan feng2 个月 前
  • 0:01

    softlykaila Gaming Robloxsoftlykaila Gaming Roblox2 个月 前
  • *ㅑㅜㄴㄷㄱㅅ 내ㅡㄷ ㄱ무내ㅡ 햪ㅍㄷ갾 솜ㅅ ㅗㅁㄴ ㅋㄷ개 ㅡㄷ무ㅑㅜㅎ 좀ㅅ낻ㅍㄷㄷ*

    TrollolololTrollololol2 个月 前
  • so pro

  • This guy inspired me to do tower of hell vids and I got an few more subs because of it I’m so happy

    Kodie AnimatesKodie Animates2 个月 前
  • roses are his hair violets are his life me thinking it does not make sense but it rymes

    itsCoffeeRblxitsCoffeeRblx2 个月 前
  • I did this too-

    Katsumi_MoooKatsumi_Mooo2 个月 前

    ShaziaShazia2 个月 前
  • 2021 yay

    L GML GM2 个月 前
  • Fact that it says he’s in Obby master look at the bottom of his level zero

    idk porinchakidk porinchak2 个月 前
  • Did anyone notice that his friend is level 666?

    Lucy HillLucy Hill2 个月 前
  • Finish obby without shift lock

    Jf DelRJf DelR2 个月 前
  • Dream will be proud of u

    •Fiji Hαnεdα••Fiji Hαnεdα•2 个月 前
  • Happy new year🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

    Dahlia AngelDahlia Angel3 个月 前
  • 0:35 Sub to pinkleaf,yeah sub to pinkleaf,ofc,sub to pinkleaf 2:00 for all who didn't know,sub to pinkleaf

    Robot2top the RealRobot2top the Real3 个月 前