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thx 4 watchin m8


    chansea1417chansea141710 小时 前
  • I watch pink leaf when i eat dinner

    Fatima EbrahimFatima Ebrahim天 前
  • Now try difficulty chart

    ًً天 前
  • Pinkleaf when finshing a obby Get rekt

    emy chan ytemy chan yt4 天 前
  • M A T H I S G O O D

    emy chan ytemy chan yt4 天 前

    Marc EscamillaMarc Escamilla4 天 前
    • theres a lot of players who can stop him lol

      IxediffecIxediffec天 前
  • It was hard just by watching it

    Corona VirusCorona Virus5 天 前
  • But I could beat it till dark blue

    HourixxHourixx5 天 前
  • I'm in pastel purple stage

    HourixxHourixx5 天 前
  • nothing is impossible you!

    ZaerelyuZaerelyu5 天 前
  • If LaSaphireEye was alive on roblox... PinkLeaf get the 4th impossible obby winner badge and statue...

    DarkLDarkL6 天 前

    Claudia RachtClaudia Racht6 天 前
  • we waiting ultimate obby

    nesrin kılınçernesrin kılınçer6 天 前
  • The music is intense....And I'm eating popcorn while watching this

    MitchUnicornTwinsYTMitchUnicornTwinsYT7 天 前
  • Me: lookin at robux

    FrostzFrostz9 天 前
  • 2:58 super epic part

    TheRobloxGuy 2TheRobloxGuy 210 天 前
  • Everybody gangsta until Pinkleaf puts on his PINK LEAF

    NealerscxzNealerscxz10 天 前
  • If you made it flawless through the impossible obby how would you feel.

    GoblinGoblin13 天 前
  • Good job you no use cheats. Signed, Goblin.

    GoblinGoblin13 天 前
  • WOW

  • You Posted This 6 Days Ago After My Birthday

    Super RaikuSuper Raiku13 天 前
  • 5:10 who see a robux OMG

    Vũ MultiverseVũ Multiverse13 天 前
  • 👁👄👁

    InvisiblePlaysThis Omg it you!!!InvisiblePlaysThis Omg it you!!!14 天 前
  • Him tooks 1400 deaths zep tooks ? deaths

    Thuc TomyThuc Tomy15 天 前
  • I’m also at the finals one time when I was not recording I was at that final part (‘not the car) so I wallhop it and at the last flick I fell and died and I was about to throw my phone out of the window xD

    iiauxfhuliiauxfhul16 天 前
  • The last level is literally tower of hell. Maybe that’s why it looked easier.

    Di MoraDi Mora17 天 前
  • Congrats Pink, u are not JUST a pro, u are THE pro.

    Bárbara AraújoBárbara Araújo17 天 前
  • Super GG Broooooooooo!!!!!!

    TheRobloxGuy 2TheRobloxGuy 217 天 前
  • U didn,t get the badge bc chocolate flame is banned

    The Obby Guy ZThe Obby Guy Z18 天 前
  • training for mONTHS

    Medic from TF2Medic from TF218 天 前
  • The most underrated thing ever

    TheLuckyBall ofPoopTheLuckyBall ofPoop19 天 前
  • ✌️

    Dabir DedhiaDabir Dedhia19 天 前

    Jemuel LaurinJemuel Laurin20 天 前
    • he’s not a god

      IxediffecIxediffec天 前
  • Imagine someone using super nuke when u at end XD

    Marvin DuaduaMarvin Duadua20 天 前
  • PinkLeaf is a certified gamer

    DJ ChillyDJ Chilly21 天 前
  • Can you do a difficult chart 😉

    Blythe Valkyrie LaranangBlythe Valkyrie Laranang21 天 前
  • bruh pink leaf only finished it because he used robux

    Benjamin EvangelistaBenjamin Evangelista21 天 前
    • He has footage of this one dum dum

      GamingWithEyesGamingWithEyes20 天 前
  • Worst cars in the world is in impossible obby.

    Bhavesh SaranBhavesh Saran21 天 前
  • Legends never die

    Apple OrangeApple Orange22 天 前
  • Pinkleaf, i was in hong kong, so i cannot open tiktok, can you tell me the songs you used? I really like them.

    Alex WuAlex Wu23 天 前
  • Him doing hard shortcuts me who can't do a ladder flick

    Valerie Lavani_halimValerie Lavani_halim24 天 前
  • pinkleaf is good

    LongDoneGuy45LongDoneGuy4524 天 前
  • So last month when I was playing the impossible obby, raging on Brown, everyone went hella crazy because Ren was in the server (I dont know if he was recording or not). And to be honest, I also went crazy and wanted to scream because he's the first CNworldr that has been in the same server as me lol.

    DaPurplePup ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ C h o c oDaPurplePup ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ C h o c o24 天 前
  • What

    Millicent MensahMillicent Mensah24 天 前
  • pog tier 13 moment

    Srisit PradidwachSrisit Pradidwach24 天 前
    • @Srisit Pradidwach but yes I agree, difficulty charts don’t count as tiers

      IxediffecIxediffec天 前
    • @Srisit Pradidwach this is like tier 11 lol

      IxediffecIxediffec天 前
    • @JackOf_Trades 0049 ik it’s bad, but if obbyists can call it Tier 13 im calling it Tier 13.

      Srisit PradidwachSrisit Pradidwach14 天 前
    • @Srisit Pradidwach but it has rng elements in it and requires luck as well that skill

      JackOf_Trades 0049JackOf_Trades 004915 天 前
    • @JackOf_Trades 0049 It’s still a tier 13

      Srisit PradidwachSrisit Pradidwach15 天 前
  • “Last time we had 6k deaths” Wait, you count?

    Emma XuEmma Xu24 天 前
  • 5:17 PINkLeaF uSeS FpS UNLOCKER!!!!!1!!1!1!!! Not legit!11111!!!!

    just a furretjust a furret24 天 前
  • Me: mom pink leaf I died 1m times sorry

    Edvinas SaikeviciusEdvinas Saikevicius25 天 前
    • Pink leaf: boii I wanted to meet you at the end Me: sorry I'm bad at parkour :(

      Edvinas SaikeviciusEdvinas Saikevicius25 天 前
  • Meet you at the end pinkleaf ⊙ω⊙

    Edvinas SaikeviciusEdvinas Saikevicius25 天 前
  • Pinkleaf: completing the impossible obby Me: can’t complete the first 3 levels

    Abuboyi1Abuboyi125 天 前
  • What game

    AltAlt25 天 前
  • try doing Ultimate obby part 3 on the ultimate obby reupload

    angeloFNangeloFN25 天 前
  • You are literally on a pc

    Graham SiebritzGraham Siebritz26 天 前
  • Pink leaf pls tell me how to be a pro like u my username is Anonymoushadow011

    Rayshan GuovanoRayshan Guovano27 天 前
  • Man this Guy Right here is better than Clloy

    T3_GMT3_GM27 天 前
  • Looks like pinkleaf is going to not receive his driving licence

    iced_lemonteaaiced_lemonteaa27 天 前
  • This must’ve taken him days to just get us entertained

    aaronnrpaaronnrp28 天 前
  • Me : *watch's this like its a movie while eating*

    hazel chanhazel chan28 天 前
    • @Karan Khosa you never seen one comment before? Wow

      BlaxeX_GAMING_.BlaxeX_GAMING_.3 天 前
    • @Karan Khosa i DIND tell you that i COMMENTED that bc i want to, KARAN

      hazel chanhazel chan7 天 前
    • So who cares why do u have to tell us

      Karan KhosaKaran Khosa7 天 前
    • Ikr so true

      Panda_ GamerGrl YTPanda_ GamerGrl YT8 天 前
  • D1SCH4RGED completed it with only 100 - 170 deaths (idk how many time practiсe took)

    INKognito gameINKognito game28 天 前
  • Link of the game pls

    gogeufgogeuf29 天 前
  • 6:45 Dramatic music starts of pinkleaf about to finish the obby

    Karan KhosaKaran Khosa29 天 前
  • HOLY I need to practice impossible obby 7 hours a day for 7 months

    Harrison PortilloHarrison Portillo个月 前
  • I loved the montage at the start

    White NinjaWhite Ninja个月 前
  • Pinkleaf in the video : Takes only 1400 deaths to finish Me: Takes 10 million deaths to complete 1 stage :^

    LailaSakuraLailaSakura个月 前
  • U so good

    Mark SnyderMark Snyder个月 前
    • @Ixediffec tbh yeah there is really a lot like him

      CandraCandra29 天 前
    • hes not that good lol

      IxediffecIxediffec29 天 前
  • The Tower of Screen punching wrap in the green stage

    lord Emersonlord Emerson个月 前
  • Pink leaf : i see no god up here Pink leaf : Other than me

    itskiel ¡!itskiel ¡!个月 前
  • I suck

    e noobe noob个月 前

    Jake TrepanierJake Trepanier个月 前
  • The final stage I call is the “Impossible Tower”

    Karan KhosaKaran Khosa个月 前
  • Do only one life

    Ibrahim AliIbrahim Ali个月 前
  • HOW?!?!??! YOUR A FRICKEN PRO!!!

    Roberto IrahetaRoberto Iraheta个月 前
    • hes not even that pro

      IxediffecIxediffec29 天 前
  • Can u plz try and beat ultimate obby?

    White NinjaWhite Ninja个月 前
  • Congrats pinkleaf im happy 4 u

    White NinjaWhite Ninja个月 前
  • I want to friend roblox icu

    Scott Rafael AtilloScott Rafael Atillo个月 前
  • Bro with just some wallhops u could get some insane shortcuts

    Victor KauêVictor Kauê个月 前
  • Killparts: PinkLeaf GET READY TO DIE! Killpart after: Sorry, I shouldn't say this to you :( RenLeaf: Gg killparts you tried hard but failed to kill me. Killparts: Ren is very pro in gaming. and will be forever. Game Creator: i am stupid *Kills himself*

    TheRobloxianStarTheRobloxianStar个月 前
  • Me still stuck in like the level 4 like: Congrats 🤩🤩 (sad for me) BUT CONGRATS 😄😄

    Crabbie남준 게-Crabbie남준 게-个月 前
  • 2:07 I didn’t pay attention to the slope, and I swifty landed back at the bottom

    KavKav个月 前
  • Reee

  • RenisVeryEpic

    LunaLuna个月 前
  • Haven’t watched this channel since 10k subs...

    pocowopocowo个月 前
  • Pink leaf can beat all obby

    Lay SophaktraLay Sophaktra个月 前
    • not true not a fact impossible and not stated by true evidence

      SpifoSpifo个月 前
    • NOT TRUE

      Winning SmileWinning Smile个月 前
  • Omg pink leaf is legend

    Lay SophaktraLay Sophaktra个月 前
  • he has a talent to conqer every obby

    shogun legendsshogun legends个月 前
  • With CP’s the whole obby is abt insane, without its prob high cata

  • not so impossible now huh

    CreatorDYCreatorDY个月 前
    • but it was beaten by undistanced legit in like 1 year ago tho

      SpifoSpifo个月 前
  • This is easier for me

    kanseka officialkanseka official个月 前
  • Next video : I beat the ultimate obby!

    It’s Sid19proIt’s Sid19pro个月 前
  • Pfft imagine being pro CAN'T RELATE

    sprayfhysprayfhy个月 前
  • Pinkleaf 1 year ago: 6K deaths Pinkleaf now: 1.4K deaths Pinkleaf 1 year later: 1 death

    Loool GuysLoool Guys个月 前
  • Omg! U are so good at this!!! Congratulations 🎊 that u COMPLETED the obby! U can't imagine HOW HAPPY I AM FOR UUUUU like I don't even know why I am so happy rn xD :DD btw who thinks that he is the GODDD of toh??

    Manjistha Ray•ᴗ•Manjistha Ray•ᴗ•个月 前
    • hes not god i can beat him because i finish the game under 1000 death

      RenLastingRenLasting24 天 前
  • Pink leaf is good think about it if we could complete the tower we would had over 5000 death let’s respect his patients to edit this vid!

    Corgis DogsCorgis Dogs个月 前
  • If it only took you 500 deaths... Then mine would take 500K deaths

    DaGoodFishhhhhDaGoodFishhhhh个月 前
  • When renleaf is bullying himself: *Ha."*

    DarkGachaGodDarkGachaGod个月 前
    • True xDD

      Manjistha Ray•ᴗ•Manjistha Ray•ᴗ•个月 前
  • Meow meow nigga

    Nathan fajardoNathan fajardo个月 前
  • Whats is this game?

    G10 Ferdy AndreasG10 Ferdy Andreas个月 前
    • @Spifoyea ik but thx

      NoobloxianNoobloxian个月 前
    • @Noobloxian tier 13+ can do this easily

      SpifoSpifo个月 前
    • @Spifo It isn't hard in theory but in reality, it is.

      NoobloxianNoobloxian个月 前
    • @Noobloxian but it isnt hard

      SpifoSpifo个月 前
    • Basically hard

      NoobloxianNoobloxian个月 前
  • The music just so intense!!

    Anayah AamirAnayah Aamir个月 前
  • Pls play a diffyculty chart obby

  • Anything is possible if you believe you can do it

    Apple GamerApple Gamer个月 前