Denis VS PinkLeaf | Tower Of Hell

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denis’s vid:
thx 4 watchin m8

  • this was rushed, only used 1hr of my time. apologies if some edits suck

    PinkLeafPinkLeaf8 个月 前
    • It fine everyone makes mistakes UnU (but I do da most..)

      -ユエム--ユエム-10 小时 前
    • Wut

      Christel NaponeChristel Napone17 天 前
    • Taco

      TemporcaryTemporcary个月 前
    • @Aahil Mohammed V

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    • Rip

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  • Funny pinkleaf said to dennisdaily PINKLEAF: look in my eyes 0:59

    Marcus Adriene MontealegreMarcus Adriene Montealegre小时 前
  • Finally the crown went on a good king 👁👄👁👍

    -ユエム--ユエム-10 小时 前
  • Moral of the story: Never underestimate this palace shirt guy

  • The way he plays toh so easy on computer makes me wanna play too I tried but-

    Miss_lara 11Miss_lara 11天 前
  • i swear ren is the best player in toh *clapS*

    iamcutegamingiamcutegaming天 前
  • poor denis

    Hila QayoomiHila Qayoomi2 天 前
  • pink leaf teach me how to master at parkour pls

    Ron HubillaRon Hubilla2 天 前
  • This was epic

    CloudyYTCloudyYT3 天 前
  • .

    katekate3 天 前
  • So is denis really like that?

    Ava BurchartAva Burchart3 天 前

      Ava BurchartAva Burchart3 天 前
  • Cool trick on the yellow part where you have to jump and wait for the other block to come first you get on the big block and then second you get on the other block when you see the stopping block jump on it and then climb it and that’s how you do it very easy!

    Jona De GuzmanJona De Guzman5 天 前
  • i love how dramatic he made it xD

    CakeCake6 天 前
  • Cool this was posted on my friends birthday and 8 days past my birthday

    ClxudyLeah_YTClxudyLeah_YT6 天 前
  • heyrosalina is a great master girl hes my idol and you lose from rosalina at all but its fine tho its just a game

    Gil Michael RamosGil Michael Ramos6 天 前
  • :O DENIS DAILY WOahhh!

    GamingwithSunnyGamingwithSunny6 天 前
  • 2:45 those are all a meme... JEEZ!

    Isaac LacangIsaac Lacang6 天 前
  • Pinkleaf: look in my eyes My brain: no Denis don't! He's an enderman

    zark Ahmedzark Ahmed6 天 前
  • My ears- btw awesome vid :D

    Xx Sanskriti 2020 xXXx Sanskriti 2020 xX7 天 前
  • Pink Leaf is not the real Obby king because pink Leaf is trash and Dennis is the real Obby king

    Sasha Bank's Tamina Naomi Team BADSasha Bank's Tamina Naomi Team BAD8 天 前
  • that poor man

    Fiona KramerFiona Kramer8 天 前
  • Pov:you clicked here because of da thumbnail

    PatternsPatterns8 天 前
  • Hell I thought this wasn't gonna be a friendly competition video and it turned out to be the purge ;-; side effects n all

    ViewerViewer8 天 前
  • PoXa eU nÃo EnTeNdO nAdA qUe ElEs FaLaM 😭😭😭😭😭

    Marina BorboletaMarina Borboleta8 天 前
  • Denis and pink leaf are bestie :D

    Minty Kid ramosMinty Kid ramos8 天 前
  • Dont fignt guys

    Rhian RelojoRhian Relojo8 天 前
  • Denis might be the obby master but he can't outsmart PinkLeaf 😅😅😅

    R4qu3l and 3vER4qu3l and 3vE8 天 前
  • 1:09 o no no HAA HA HAAAAAA

    Kimberly TruongKimberly Truong9 天 前
  • The thumbnail tho- "LOOK IN MY EYES" 😭😂

    ʙᴜʙʙʟᴇꜱ.ʙᴜʙʙʟᴇꜱ.9 天 前

    Enam HaqueEnam Haque9 天 前
  • Pinkleaf use 1 percent of his skill

    Hocknguang LaiHocknguang Lai9 天 前
  • I saw this on denis’s video

    Luke KoehlerLuke Koehler9 天 前
  • omg denis is here!! :)

    Gustavo RiveraGustavo Rivera10 天 前
  • 1:00 thumbnail

    남건우남건우10 天 前
  • That hard core music dannggggg👏👏👏👏👏👁👄👁

    The fantastic TenUvUThe fantastic TenUvU11 天 前
  • When linkmon said leaf!!!!!!!!

    Jill ByrneJill Byrne12 天 前

    cr49rbxcr49rbx12 天 前
  • Lol-

    Manzil DassManzil Dass12 天 前
  • Or u could just but a low grav coil and jump on the black thing and parkour on it in first level

    satisfaction or pain from tik toksatisfaction or pain from tik tok13 天 前

    James FrigaultJames Frigault13 天 前
  • Later

    Angelica Mae OlegarioAngelica Mae Olegario13 天 前
  • Wow Pinkleaf look what's gonna happend next Pinkleafd

    Angelica Mae OlegarioAngelica Mae Olegario13 天 前
  • He's too fat

    Angelica Mae OlegarioAngelica Mae Olegario13 天 前
  • Haha he funny

    Angelica Mae OlegarioAngelica Mae Olegario13 天 前
  • Bruh he doesn't know how to play tower of hell so teach him pls

    Angelica Mae OlegarioAngelica Mae Olegario13 天 前
  • This is better than denises ome

    Fox MaloFox Malo13 天 前
  • I wanna go on a training pink leaf Name:VxbesTeddyQt Don’t Ask

    Noah Ejiro •[AKA Bakugo]• [Future Bakugo]Noah Ejiro •[AKA Bakugo]• [Future Bakugo]13 天 前
  • wow

    lian joyce hao guanlian joyce hao guan13 天 前
  • Bruh

    Michael JakcsonMichael Jakcson14 天 前
  • no one can't compete PinkLeaf

    Jazzy The Diamond UnicornJazzy The Diamond Unicorn14 天 前
  • when the shortcut i learnt there was from pink leaf

    Gabrielle LEEGabrielle LEE14 天 前
  • Fact: pinkleaf might be sub to sebee

    Poorvi RaviPoorvi Ravi14 天 前
  • aaawwww denis boi is always nice hope he had good life good family be healthy and be safe denis!

    mrpeperonismrpeperonis14 天 前

    •mystical Gem••mystical Gem•14 天 前
  • Denis vid this to

    Swapan DebSwapan Deb15 天 前
  • EPIC but denis won 🤣😂

    Swapan DebSwapan Deb15 天 前
  • Can you crush reveal pls? Cause I sometimes think that ur crush is 'Heyrosalina' I'm gonna be so happy if you do a crush reveal OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG PRESS LIKE IF YOU WANT PINK LEAF TO CRUSH REVEAL!

    soujin adlaonsoujin adlaon15 天 前

    LeviLevi15 天 前
  • lol i love the beginning

    Jade ArriagaJade Arriaga16 天 前
  • Wait you both made the same video? Like denis trolled you to the troll obby? And then you made a video in his video? Bruh

    Ethan JamesEthan James16 天 前
  • Pink leaf How Is Your Level 0

    Darpan RasailiDarpan Rasaili16 天 前
  • lol

    Huali KawaiHuali Kawai16 天 前
  • Your so good pink leaf I wanna work towards being as good as you!!!! 👁👄👁

    Eva TrinhEva Trinh16 天 前
  • We miss denis dude but he has now joined roblox enemy mine craft but I won’t stop watching him

    *•Blossom Tea•**•Blossom Tea•*17 天 前
  • When a three year old watches 3:03: new toy?

    I post random VideosI post random Videos17 天 前
  • fire everywhere

    Andy TranAndy Tran17 天 前
  • How am I better then the cat person y-y I'm flipping nine and better-

    lily gutierrezlily gutierrez17 天 前
  • How are you this good

    iLoveKinder GirliLoveKinder Girl17 天 前
  • The thumbnail lol 😂

    hm- itz Emiihm- itz Emii17 天 前
  • 2:42) Me: ok. Me: *eats chocolate*

    •DevilCarolyn••DevilCarolyn•18 天 前
  • ok guy but my name is pinkleaf too

    Pinkleaf goodPinkleaf good18 天 前
  • Ah, the old memories Denis roblox vids 2016-2021 (I think)

    AestheticxzAestheticxz18 天 前
  • oh ya you do edit :O i firgot-

    Julie XuJulie Xu18 天 前
  • I see a proud king and a broken heart

    Anything and Nothing MEMESAnything and Nothing MEMES18 天 前
  • Epic

    Abigail OseiAbigail Osei18 天 前
  • don't fall for it he is trying to let into his trap obby that he uses to trick people

    Charlotte loves ramenCharlotte loves ramen18 天 前

    María Valentina CHILLCCE NUÑEZMaría Valentina CHILLCCE NUÑEZ19 天 前
  • "what is that in the air "Is it a plane?" "Is it a bird?" *No it's my childhood flying away*

    IcyDry66IcyDry6619 天 前
  • did anyone realise that at this time pinkleaf was only at level 0

    Celine NatourCeline Natour19 天 前
  • What happens if you meet green leaf-

    AveryTheDolphinAveryTheDolphin19 天 前
  • :p

    Novem MinNovem Min19 天 前
  • Good job pinkleaf

    Laure BarrasLaure Barras21 天 前
  • 0-0 were both born on Sept 23.

    harleen pandherharleen pandher21 天 前
  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Dark Player77Dark Player7721 天 前
  • 6:31 sorry i dont speak filipino, can you translate that?

    Miguel CastilloMiguel Castillo21 天 前
    • Pes hal is pes thing in Indonesian. I went on Google translate i tried pes hal in fillipino it said pes hal in English and it recommended trying it Indonesian so yeah.

      •Ice Dream!••Ice Dream!•21 天 前
  • why is he always level 0?

    l.ll.l22 天 前
  • Can someone say to me how do I record my screen on PC and how do I edit the video?

    Xara Gaming RobloxXara Gaming Roblox22 天 前
  • RIP denis

    -Snalpel--Snalpel-23 天 前
  • I saw dennis in a!

    nightcore millinightcore milli23 天 前
  • Omg your editing is the best editing I've ever seeeeen keep it up :D

    AIMBOT 4 4 4 GAMINGAIMBOT 4 4 4 GAMING23 天 前
  • Oh my gosh Denis outfit

    Unah PagalanUnah Pagalan23 天 前
  • -subscribes-

    ꧁yourlocal_ bakon꧂꧁yourlocal_ bakon꧂24 天 前
  • but the thing is just- nobody is relising his lvl-

    Bxlla_playsBxlla_plays24 天 前
  • pinkleaf prob crushed it

    Gabriella PerezGabriella Perez25 天 前
  • lol pinkleaf: LOOK IN MY EYES Lol please pin me

    Tadisa NikisiTadisa Nikisi25 天 前
  • Denis be like 😭😭😭

  • Why denis!?😔

    afrah fatima the ßestafrah fatima the ßest25 天 前
  • Pink Leaf: LOOK INTO MY EYES Denis: *despair* Pink leaf: *I am the heat seeker >:)*

    Finally SO YTFinally SO YT25 天 前

    Thet Nwe Ye ThwayThet Nwe Ye Thway25 天 前
  • epic.

    El Pana Ka-pooperEl Pana Ka-pooper25 天 前